RMI Assembles Eastern Shore Manufacturers to Share Energy Program Insights at K&L Microwave in Salisbury

October 17 Eastern Shore Energy Roundtable

From left to right: Representatives from Crystal Steel Fabricators, RMI, Maryland Plastics, K&L Microwave

October 17, Salisbury, MD.  As part of RMI’s Energy Program, we periodically meet with groups of manufacturers who are benefiting from our service and encourage them to share their successes with their manufacturing peers. RMI’s current program is funded for manufacturers served by Delmarva Power and PEPCO utilities through the Maryland Energy Administration by the State of Maryland to help reduce energy consumption and energy cost for manufacturers.

Manufacturers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore have been particularly responsive.  On behalf of RMI, K&L Microwave graciously hosted a morning manufacturing roundtable event at their Salisbury facility on October 17 so participating manufacturers in RMI’s Energy Program could discuss their energy saving progress with their peers and frankly share their experiences on their energy efficiency journey.

The roundtable featured presentations from Maryland Plastics and Crystal Steel Fabricators from Federalsburg and K&L Microwave from Salisbury. Attending manufacturers included representatives from W.L Gore from Elkton and local Salisbury manufacturers including Toroid Corporation, Trinity Sterile, Jubilant Cadista, Blind Industries and Services of Maryland and Tishcon Corporation who came to hear about their results emanating from the RMI Energy Program and to network with their peers.  

RMI’s Energy Program provides top quality engineers who provide energy audits for manufacturing facilities, makes upgrade recommendations to management, helps manufacturers get vendor quotes, finds funding sources for upgrades and helps process paperwork for grants and loans. All at no cost to the manufacture.  Our mandate is to help manufacturers reduce energy at their facilities and save them money on energy expenses. Since 2016, RMI’s Energy Program has served over 90 manufacturers, saving them over $7.5 million through cost savings from energy upgrades, rebates, grants and loans. Manufacturers value having a trusted manufacturing non-profit like RMI provide a second pair of eyes to evaluate energy savings potential at their facilities (see more about the program).

All three of the presenting companies at the roundtable had been awarded Commercial & Industrial grants last spring with RMI’s help through MEA’s competitive grant application process (as well as three other firms in the program, totaling over $220,000 in grant funding to upgrade their energy efficiency projects). 

RMI Assemble Meeting ImageEach presenter described the importance they placed on cutting waste through their energy efficiency upgrades which included primarily lighting and air compressor projects. The unique take-aways went beyond just the energy savings. Program participants discussed the value of upgrading from metal halide lights to LEDs and from fluorescents to LEDs in terms of dollar savings, but also how it was positively affecting employee morale and quality control for production.

Many of the attending manufacturers have multiple locations and have seen the value that can be brought to their one facility and now are eager to similar savings projects for other facilities. One facility manager commented how important it was to have a trusted, knowledgeable advisor guide them on a continual basis on making the right energy investments up front, noting that as they expand their facility upgrades don’t have to be made after the fact. 

Another participant commented on the value of having RMI’s engineering expertise to find opportunities that they might not have found on their own. It was also noted that the projected lower energy costs together with happier employees are helping them validate their investment.  “It’s not just a one-off, it makes us look good.”

“These manufacturing roundtable events are really important,” said Peter Gourlay, RMI Vice President and Manager of RMI’s Energy Program. “The manufacturers-only meetings allow us to hear directly from these participating manufacturers in front of their peers, so we get candid feedback on the value of our service.”  “They also learn a lot from each other so it’s a great networking opportunity for these manufacturers who are all from very different industries – from pharmaceutical – to steel fabrication – to plastics, but they still share a lot in common,” he said.  

Attending manufacturers who had not previously signed up to participate in RMI’s Energy Program were convinced of RMI’s offering and are looking to see how they too might benefit.  

Next RMI Manufacturing Roundtable Event Nov 8 in Rockville: Manufacturers served by PEPCO have a great opportunity to hear more and meet other manufacturing executives who have benefited from RMI’s Energy Program at RMI’s next manufacturing energy roundtable as part of RMI’s Business Direct event on November 8 in Rockville. See more here to register.


October 10, 2019: Promoting Supplier Diversity and Inclusion in Baltimore

October 10: Promoting Supplier Diversity and Inclusion in Baltimore

Join us on Thursday, October 10, 2019, for “MEDWeek Minority Manufacturing Symposium,” hosted by Baltimore City Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young; the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Small, Minority and Women Business; the Mid-Atlantic Region Minority Business Development Agency Advanced Manufacturing Center – Baltimore, and the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland.


Stacey Smith Joins RMI

Stacey Smith Profile

We have exciting news to share with you. Stacey Smith will be serving as Director of Outreach and Events for us here at the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI). In this role, she will help us form strategic partnerships with key stakeholders and design and execute events to help us achieve our goal of transforming Maryland manufacturing. 

Stacey previously served as the CEO of the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) before recently launching her own consulting and event planning business. Stacey brings almost 30 years of event planning, marketing, fundraising and community engagement experience along with valuable connections with local and state leaders, organizations, academic institutions and elected officials. She will be focused on creating several new events for us as well as planning our Future of Maryland Manufacturing Event, 30th Anniversary celebration and Champions of Maryland Manufacturing Gala. Stay tuned for “save-the-dates” and details.  

Many of you may already know Stacey. She has been engaged with RMI since her days of working at the Maryland Department of Commerce in 2013-2015, and she was instrumental in forging a strong partnership with RMI while at CAMI. We look forward to working with her and introducing her to all of you over the next few months. If any of you would like to be involved as volunteers in the planning of our events or have ideas you would like to share, feel free to reach out to Stacey at or 443-844-0047. 

RMI continues to be the leading voice for Maryland’s manufacturing industry, and with Stacey’s help, we hope to amplify that voice and bolster our efforts to transform Maryland manufacturing.


Public Policymakers Attuned – Winds of Change Are a Coming

By Mike Galiazzo, Ph.D.

President, Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland

I traveled to Ocean City to meet with Maryland state and local officials at the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) summer conference.  The theme of the conference was Winds of Change, which couldn’t have been more timely.

I have been attending MACo for the past 30 years.  This time was unique for the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) in that the conference theme, Winds of Change, was a perfect fit to discuss manufacturing.  Manufacturing has undergone and continues to experience, significant transformations through the “Industry 4.0 movement,” where companies are transitioning from analog to digital operations. As a result, companies aim to become more integrated with advanced technologies and new materials to compete globally.

This transformation has a tremendous impact on productivity and workforce, and Maryland has a golden opportunity to get ahead of the curve and position itself as a national leader.  I have found that many policymakers are unaware of the extent of both what this transformation entails, and what new policies and programs are required to support manufacturing growth today.

The MACo conference provided an opportunity for RMI to bring our campaign message of Maryland Manufacturing Matters to county executives, state legislators, and state agency officials. RMI’s campaign includes the distribution of short YouTube interviews from a wide variety of stakeholders to get the message out on the importance of manufacturing. For more information about this campaign and to watch the videos, visit our page dedicated to the campaign.

RMI partnered with Washington County’s Hub Labels to produce Maryland Manufacturing Matters labels for each Maryland county. John Armiger of Hub Labels joined me in distributing labels while we were at MACo. The aim was to get state and local officials and other attendees to wear their respective county labels on their lapels. The labels were a hit! They were printed on a state-of-the-art high-performance printer, one of only two in North America.

RMI sponsored two Alexander & Cleaver receptions for policymakers and other attendees at “Dry 85” and “Seacrets,” which allowed me to have valuable facetime with public officials, including Congressman Ruppersberger, Maryland Senate President Mike Miller, Baltimore Mayor Jack Young, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski, Jr, and Howard County Executive Calvin B. Ball. The labels made our messages more fun to communicate with them.

Legislators were engaged and excited to promote their Maryland Manufacturing Matters stickers on their shirts. They proudly proclaimed their support for Maryland manufacturing in their local jurisdiction. Each county representative got a sticker like an advance team for a political campaign, but in this case, the candidate was Maryland Manufacturing.

After engaging with so many officials, it is apparent that most of them not only support manufacturing but also enjoyed promoting our industry. See photo (left to right) of Harford County Executive Barry Glassman, Mike Galiazzo and Harford County Council President, Patrick S. Vincenti, who both emphasized their strong support for manufacturing.

After engaging with so many officials, it is apparent that most of them not only support manufacturing but also enjoyed promoting our industry. See photo (left to right) of Harford County Executive Barry Glassman, Mike Galiazzo and Harford County Council President, Patrick S. Vincenti, who both emphasized their strong support for manufacturing.

When manufacturing thrives, our communities and economies flourish!


RMI Takes Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters Campaign on the Road to MACo in Ocean City

RMI Takes Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters Campaign on the Road to MACo in Ocean City

August 15, 2019 – Ocean City. RMI engaged Maryland congressional, legislative and county executive leaders at “Dry 85′” restaurant at a reception for elected officials at MACo in Ocean City, hosted by Alexander & Cleaver and sponsored by RMI and the Daily Record. RMI President Mike Galiazzo attended the reception and met with many elected officials from across Maryland to help promote our manufacturing industry to emphasize why Maryland manufacturing matters to their economies and communities. RMI’s Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters campaign aims to provide a continuous effort to promote the voices of the Maryland manufacturing ecosystem to educate stakeholder on the importance of our industry to local economies and communities.

Galiazzo met with many elected officials including Senate President Mike Miller, Baltimore Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, Baltimore City Mayor Jack Young, Delegate Anthony A. (Tony) Giangiordano from Dist. C, Harford County, and Delegate Teresa Reilly, District 35, Harford County and Cecil County. Each of them posed with Galiazzo holding their respective county Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters stickers (pictured above).

Montgomery County Executive Elrich who gave a big endorsement on the value of manufacturing. Galiazzo presented Maryland Manufacturing Matters lapel stickers with respective counties to various elected officials. Washington County’s Hub Labels create the Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters stickers on behalf of RMI for each Maryland county in preparation for our attendance at MACO this week in Ocean City. Hear from Mike at MACO


RMI Champions on the Move in Maryland Communities 

Two Baltimore area RMI Champions of Maryland Manufacturing reported stellar achievements this month.

Recognizing the Champions of Maryland Manufacturing is a key element of RMI’s image campaign to help put a face on today’s manufacturing. By helping to tell the stories of those that are championing the manufacturing effort in Maryland, we help policymakers better understand the products made in their jurisdictions and how those goods help us in our daily lives. We also help educators, parents, and kids see manufacturing as a viable, enriching career opportunity.

Read More about RMI Champions of Maryland Manufacturing

Citywide Youth Development, recognized by RMI for STEM achievement with Baltimore youth, hosted a ground breaking ceremony for its E.M.A.G.E. Center in West Baltimore, and Food Opportunity’s Baked In Baltimore delivered its biggest order to date, when 19,000 of its famous DC Sweet Potato Cakes hit the shelves in 114 Safeway stores in the DMV region this past Saturday. Company President April N. Richardson was recognized by RMI for Emerging Leadership in areas including women-owned business development and re-entry employment.

citywide groundbreaking

Citywide Youth Development, Inc. with a focus on social entrepreneurs, established in 2010 by its President, Rasheed Aziz, has created more than 100 free-enterprise jobs as well as three youth organizations with plans for expansion. The E.M.A.G.E Center will house a manufacturing/skill training and enterprise development initiative with opportunities for entrepreneurship and manufacturing, including a manufacturing facility for the organizations’ Frozen Desert Sorbet and Made in Bmore Clothing. With the goal of employing citizens in manufacturing jobs, Citywide has put their efforts in the most impoverished areas of Baltimore City, working to utilize entrepreneurship and manufacturing as crime prevention, poverty eradication, and community development tactics. E.M.A.G.E., which stands for Entrepreneurs Making And Growing Enterprises, is the product of collaboration between the Abell Foundation, the Mid-Atlantic Region MBDA Advanced Manufacturing Center-Baltimore, the France-Merrick Foundation, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, Under Armour, and the Baltimore Development Corporation, and is an example of what can be achieved when communities, government, and private enterprise work together.


Baked In Baltimore’s large scale delivery to Safeway represents the kind of rewards that come when a community supports “buy-local” and Safeway’s Regional President gives this company an opportunity to excelFounded in Prince George’s County, DC Sweet Potato Cake’s relationship with Safeway was initiated by the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation to ensure the brands’ growth in the region. If you are familiar with DC Sweet Potato Cake, a few years back, it scored big with Starbucks, which carried the company’s products in regional stores. Richardson had her start with the company as its attorney working with them on a turnaround plan, and later joined as Owner and President with Co-owner Derek Lowery to build a team that today is working smart to stay on top, including the opening of Baked in Baltimore last September. The company prides itself in being part of Maryland’s manufacturing growth as is evidenced by its close partnerships with RMI and Baltimore’s MBDA Advanced Manufacturing Center.



RMI-MPT Manufacturing Partnership Kicks Off

Over 250 Manufacturing stakeholders representing over 130 companies and organizations came to the Baltimore Museum of Industry on June 5 to be part of RMI’s latest effort to help promote the image of Maryland Manufacturing. Maryland Public Television (MPT), in partnership with RMI, launched a campaign to produce a 13-part TV series to tell the story of today’s Maryland manufacturing.

Mike English, Director of Content for MPT (pictured on left), identified the problem of valuing our manufacturing industry to be addressed through the program. “Most lay people who we talk to will think manufacturing is gone, but we know it is alive and well and growing in Maryland, it just looks a lot different,” he said.

MPT released its new promotional video for the campaign to produce the TV series.

Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters Campaign Launched

RMI also officially launched its Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters campaign, a continuous effort to promote the voices of the Maryland manufacturing ecosystem to educate stakeholder on the importance of our industry to local economies and communities. One of the opening manufacturing speakers, Mary Steinebrunner, General Manager of Dunlop Protective Footwear (photo on left) discussed why Maryland manufacturing matters.

“Our 1939 company almost went out of business, but we’ve turned it around. We’ve grown our employee base by 20% in the last year by inventing new technologies and by demonstrating to our employees that we can grow and it can be a great place to work. We’re building a community in Havre de Grace, Maryland and supplying protective clothing and protective footwear for the entire United States. The more we can make people aware of why manufacturing matters and supporting the cause, the better we’ll all be off,” she said.

View photos from Smugmug




June 5, 2019: Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters

Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters.”

RMI Evening at the Baltimore Museum of Industry with MPT & Maryland Commerce

Food – Drinks – Networking – Fun

June 5, 2019   5:30-8:00 p.m. – Baltimore Museum of Industry

RMI has ramped up its game to help promote the image of Maryland Manufacturing.  Hear about our new initiative with Maryland Public Television (MPT) to tell the story of why Maryland Manufacturing Matters.  Enjoy a fantastic night of networking with the RMI Board of Directors and other leaders of business, government, education and the non-profit sectors.

RMI Sponsors for Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters

Cooperating partners  Betamore – Cybersecurity Association of Maryland (CAMI)

Dinkel Business Development – Northeastern Maryland Tech Council (NMTC)

Special Thank You  to PSA  Insurance & Financial Services Our

“Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters” Event Video Sponsor


A Celebration & Reception

  • Hear from leaders representing diverse manufacturing operations in Maryland on Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters.
  • Hear How RMI and Maryland Public Television (MPT) are Working Together to Promote a Positive Image of Maryland Manufacturing.
  • See a Sneak Preview – MPT Promotional Video on Maryland Manufacturing and Details of a Plan for a 13-part TV series.
  • Celebrate Maryland Manufacturing and Meet the People & Programs Supporting Our Industry.
  • Sponsors Get Videotaped for RMI Outreach Efforts and Tell Us Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters.


RMI Energy Efficiency Program Helps Maryland Manufacturers Receive Grant Funding

RMI Energy Efficiency Program Helps Maryland Manufacturers Get Awarded $226,755 in New Grant Funding

Regional Manufacturing Institute (RMI) of Maryland Administers Program Funded by The State of Maryland

BALTIMORE, MD – The Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) is pleased to announce that The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) has approved grant funding totaling $226,755 for six RMI Energy Program manufacturing companies through the state agency’s Commercial & Industrial Grant Program (C&I) to support improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

RMI helped the grant recipients, who are all current participants in its ongoing Energy Program, submit their winning applications. The grant recipient manufacturing companies include five Eastern Shore manufacturers and one in Prince George’s County:

  • Capital Meat Company based in Prince Georges County
  • Crystal Steel Fabricators based in Caroline County
  • K&L Microwave, Inc. based in Wicomico County
  • Maryland Plastics, Inc. based in Caroline County
  • Toroid Corporation based in Wicomico County
  • Trinity Sterile, Inc based in Wicomico County

The FY2019 MEA $1.2 million competitive C&I grant program opened last fall and applications were submitted by December 17, 2018 (see MEA press release for further detail and a listing of all of the grant recipients).

The competitive grant process looks for companies to commit to energy savings projects which achieve a minimum of a 15% baseline decrease in electricity use.  The six awarded companies from the RMI Energy Program are estimated to collectively reduce energy consumption by 28% with a 1,984,382 kilowatt hour reduction and will collectively save $197,482 annually as a result of implementing their various projects (see the list of projects).  In addition, RMI is working with the companies to access utility rebates for each of their energy improvement projects which are estimated to be over $300,000.

RMI will continue to work with the firms to ensure energy savings are achieved.  All six manufacturers had received previous energy audits from RMI and benefited from the program’s help in deciding the best energy projects to pursue in the near-term.

“MEA’s C&I grant program is a tremendous help to Maryland’s manufacturing industry, as it really helps us move these projects forward to help manufacturers save energy,” said Peter Gourlay, the manager of RMI’s Energy Program.  “Manufacturers look for a quick payback on their energy investments and the C&I grant program is a great pump-primer to getting companies to commit.”

About RMI’s Energy Program

Under RMI’s State-funded Energy Program, manufacturers in two major Maryland utility areas (PEPCO and Delmarva Power) are eligible to receive thousands of dollars of engineering services to help them reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs. The program tasks RMI with reaching out to eligible manufacturers through a proven-approach to identify energy savings projects and help convince management to implement energy savings projects to save them money, while reducing their energy consumption.

Over the past six years, the RMI energy program has helped 83 manufacturing companies receive over $7.5 million in cost savings, including: 60,000 MWh energy reduction, $6 million saved from energy upgrades plus $1.5 saved million in rebates and grants received ($1 million received from previous MEA C&I grants and another $500,000 from energy rebates).

Learn More about RMI’s Energy Program


“RMI is helping manufacturing companies identify opportunities in their facilities and in their operations to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency, obtain incentives through utility rebate programs and other leveraged funding sources, find contractors for their energy efficiency projects, and implement action plans to achieve their energy goals,” said RMI President Michael Galiazzo.

Scott Wiley, president of Jessup, Maryland defense contractor Products Support, Inc. (PSI) admitted that was a bit skeptical about RMI’s energy service offering at first.

“I’ll admit, when I heard about the RMI Energy Program I thought it was too good to be true,” Wiley recalled.

Despite Wiley’s skepticism, PSI joined the program in 2015 and received an energy audit, created a green team to help create a culture of energy efficiency and participated in monthly leadership meetings to share best practices.

“We saved 30% off our energy bill just through from the Green Team that RMI helped us establish,” said Wiley. “Additionally, RMI helped us realize $222,000 in energy savings over a two-year period with a $73,000 C&I grant from the MEA, coupled together with $51,000 in electric utility rebates and $98,000 in reduced energy costs from an electric supply rate decrease along with reduced electricity usage resulting from the upgrades we made to our HVAC system, air compressors, and lighting.

“The program actually worked out very well,” Wiley added. “I couldn’t be happier.”

About Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland

Founded in 1990, the Regional Manufacturing Institute (RMI), a non-profit association, was created for manufacturers in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. Today, RMI of Maryland represents the interests of manufacturers statewide – providing programs, services, and advocacy. RMI represents the interests of manufacturers in every Maryland county – providing programs, services, and advocacy.

RMI is dedicated to serving people, families, and communities by growing manufacturing.  Jobs in manufacturing provide livable wages that contribute immeasurably to stronger families, communities and economic growth.


March 28, 2019: ELM Laser Etching Workshop at Stanley Black & Decker Makerspace

REGISTRATION CLOSED ELM’s Laser Etching Workshop

Emerging Leaders in Manufacturing (ELM) Present

ELM Laser Etching Workshop at Makerspace by Stanley Black and Decker

The democratization of innovation – making innovation resources available to everyone. The Makerspace is a place where people with shared interests can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment and knowledge.

Our speaker and instructor for the evening is Audrey Van de Castle – Makerspace & Open Innovation Manager at Stanley Black & Decker. She will kick off the event with an introduction to Design and Laser Etching. All attendees will then have the opportunity to laser etch their customized ELM coasters to take home! This hands-on workshop will be followed by snacks, drinks, and networking!

Date: March 28th        

Time: 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Address: SBD Makerspace, 8844 Orchard Tree Lane, Towson, MD 21286


Limited to 20 Spots – Signup to reserve your space for this workshop at Stanley Black and Decker’s exclusive Makerspace location!