Made in Maryland premieres October 2 on MPT

Show highlights Maryland manufacturers in Baltimore, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s,  and St. Mary’s counties and Baltimore City  

OWINGS MILLS, MD – Maryland Public Television (MPT) will air its special presentation of Made in  Maryland on MPT-HD at 8 p.m. on Saturday, October 2. The half-hour program, produced in collaboration  with the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI), introduces viewers to some of the Free  State’s most inventive 21st century businesses and looks at manufacturing’s importance to Maryland’s  economy. The show will also be available for viewing on the MPT livestream at stream-mpt/

With the Baltimore Museum of Industry as a backdrop,  Made in Maryland host Andrew Michaels takes viewers on a fast-paced journey to shine the spotlight on five manufacturers among the more than 4,000 such businesses that call Maryland home. A short preview of the show is available at

“MPT’s high quality programming and storytelling give new meaning to the phrase ‘Made in Maryland,’”  said Dr. Michael Galiazzo, president, RMI. “Viewers will be fascinated to discover the local people, places,  and products that represent Maryland manufacturing and help make our lives better each day.” 

Made in Maryland profiles the following companies whose dedicated workforces apply a wide range of  technologies, cutting-edge precision, and skilled craftsmanship to the manufacturing of products for local,  national, and international customers: 

  • Wave Engine Corporation (Hyattsville in Prince George’s County). This fast-growing company  develops next-generation aircraft and propulsion systems, among them a jet engine without  moving parts that uses pressure waves to move air through the engine. Viewers witness the  engine manufacturing process and hear from CEO Daanish Maqbool, who earned his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering, about making the company’s engine technology practical for real-world consumer aviation applications.
  • Lion Brothers (Owings Mills in Baltimore County). One of the nation’s first embroidery  companies, Lion Brothers focuses on integrating design with scientific and technological  advancements to create innovations for the most notable apparel brands, corporations, and not for-profit organizations. “The world’s finest stitching still comes from Maryland,” said CEO Suzy  Ganz. Among its high-profile projects are making emblems for NASA’s Apollo moon missions,  producing Girl Scouts of America badges and insignias for nearly 100 years, and creating the patch  for the first Super Bowl game. 
  • SSI Custom Plastics (Hollywood in St. Mary’s County). During the “Made in a Minute” segment,  viewers learn about how this agile company’s vacuum thermoforming manufacturing process is  used to take plastic sheets and mold them into custom tables used on popular Boston Whaler  boats.  
  • Food Opportunity/DC Sweet Potato Cake (Baltimore City). Food Opportunity operates DC Sweet  Potato Cake and Baked in Baltimore along with a growing food manufacturing facility. Viewers  meet CEO April Richardson and her business partner Derek Lowry, whose family recipe sweet potato cake has become popular throughout the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. region.  Richardson has taken the small bakery operation and grown its scale. It now produces upwards of  50,000 cakes per month and has significantly increased product distribution into retail outlets  including Safeway, Starbucks, and Wegmans.
  • PRS Guitars (Stevensville in Queen Anne’s County). During the “Master Maker’ segment, viewers  get a look insider one of the world’s premier guitar and amplifier manufacturers, located on  Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Founder and CEO Paul Reed Smith talks about the three elements that  make an outstanding guitar and COO Jack Higginbotham gives a tour of the manufacturing facility,  showing a process that’s both high-tech and high-touch. Among PRS Guitars’ customers are many  renowned musicians, including Carlos Santana, John Mayer, Mark Tremonti, Jo De Messina, and  Joe Walsh. 

Encore broadcasts of Made in Maryland will air later that evening at 11 p.m. on MPT-HD, as well as 9 p.m.  on Wednesday, October 6 and 11 p.m. on Tuesday, October 12 on MPT2/Create. Check MPT’s program  schedule at for additional airdates in October and November. 

Major funding for Made in Maryland is provided by CFG Bank and Kaiser Permanente. Additional support  for the program comes from the Maryland Department of Commerce and the Maryland Economic  Development Corporation. 

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About Maryland Public Television 

Maryland Public Television (MPT) is a statewide, public-supported TV network and Public Broadcasting Service member  offering entertaining, educational, and inspiring content delivered by traditional broadcasting and streaming on TVs,  computers, and mobile devices. A state agency, it operates under the auspices of the Maryland Public Broadcasting  Commission. MPT creates local, regional, and national content and is a frequent winner of regional Emmy® awards.  MPT’s commitment to educators, parents, caregivers, and learners of all ages is delivered through instructional events  and MPT’s year-round community engagement activities connect viewers with resources on a wide range  of topics. For more information visit

by Stacey Smith Stacey Smith

Champions of MD Manufacturing Webinar: Community Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion in Manufacturing

Champions of Maryland Manufacturing Webinar
Community Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion in Manufacturing
October 6, 2021 | 9:30-10:30

Manufacturing plays a leading role in our state’s economy. But there are also manufacturers and organizations across Maryland doing extraordinary things to support the communities in which they operate and to create systemic, cultural, and/or behavioral change towards diversity and inclusion in the manufacturing workplace and in access by diverse manufacturing entrepreneurs and leadership to business resources and opportunities for success.

Through this program, we’ll showcase some of these Champions of MD Manufacturing and give you an inside look at the innovative ideas they have developed and put into action and the motivation for those actions. We’ll also talk about ways others can be inspired to do that same.

Moderator: Mike Galiazzo, Ph.D., President, Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland


      • Janna Jackson, Regional Communications Manager, Exelon Corporation*. Read Champion story here.
      • Gene Lott, Chief Marketing/Sales/Taproom Manager, Patuxent Brewing Co*. Read Champion story here.
      • N. Scott Phillips, Esq., Project Director, Manufacturing Innovation Hub*. Read Champion story here
      • Dwight Brown, Manager Human Resources, Conagra Brands*. Read Champion story here.

* Winner of the 2020 Champions of Maryland Manufacturing People’s Choice Award. Get more People’s Choice Awards details here.

Join RMI and our Presenting Sponsor, MD Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP), as we highlight Champions of Maryland Manufacturing who have demonstrated great leadership in their community engagement, diversity and inclusion efforts.

Cost: $0. Registration is required. This program is being offered via a Zoom video webinar that requires a passcode to log in. An email with log in information will be sent to all registrants within 24 hours of the date of the program. If you have any questions, please email or call Stacey Smith at 443-844-0047.


Maryland Energy Administration
Grants and Resources for Businesses

The Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) has partnered with the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) to bring two valuable, no-cost programs to Maryland manufacturers: ENERGY EDGE and the Manufacturing Disruption Mitigation Assistance Program.  Visit RMI’s Energy Services page.

Commercial Industrial & Agriculture Grant Program: Assisting commercial, industrial, and non-profit enterprises in funding deep energy retrofits that significantly reduce facility energy consumption. ​

Combined Heat and Power Grant Program: This program provides grants to encourage the implementation of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technologies.

Clean Energy Rebate Program: Helps eligible Maryland businesses and homeowners invest in clean energy. MEA provides incentives to assist in the installation of solar photovoltaic, solar water heating, and geothermal heat pumps.

Offshore Wind Program: The offshore wind program focuses on preparing Maryland’s businesses and workforce to enter the offshore wind industry.

Solar Canopy Grant Program: The program incentivizes the installation of solar photovoltaic canopies over parking lots, enabling a secondary use of property where parking services are offered.

Resilient Maryland: The program provides grants for the planning and design of community/campus microgrids, resilient facility power systems, advanced combined heat and power, and distributed generation systems at resiliency hubs.

Clean Burning Wood and Pellet Stove Rebate Program: Maryland homeowners can receive financial assistance to help install eligible clean wood burning stoves.

Community Solar LMI PPA Grant Program : Maryland Public Service Commission approved Subscriber Organizations can apply to receive incentives for supplying power purchase agreements (PPAs) that maximize value to low-to-moderate income (LMI) community solar subscribers.

Maryland Energy Storage Tax Credit Program: The program is available to eligible residential and commercial taxpayers who have installed an energy storage system on their residential or commercial property.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate: Residents, governments and businesses can apply for rebates for purchasing and installing an electric vehicle charging station.

Clean Fuels Incentive Program: Reduces consumption of imported petroleum by providing incentives for both publicly accessible alternative fuel infrastructure and alternative fuel fleet vehicles.

Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program: Businesses, non-profit organizations, local governments, and state agencies can apply for a loan to identify and install energy conservation improvements. 

Maryland Energy Infrastructure Program (MEIP)to assist with funding to incentivize natural gas infrastructure.

by Stacey Smith Stacey Smith

Champions of MD Manufacturing Webinar: Innovation in Manufacturing

Champions of Maryland Manufacturing Webinar
Innovation in Manufacturing
September 9, 2021 | 10-11

Moderator: Mike Galiazzo, Ph.D., President, Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland


      • Greg Paulsen, Director of Application Engineering, Xometry. Read Champion story here.
      • Dave Reynolds, General Manager, Cockeysville, MD, Saft*. Read Champion story here.
      • Evandro Valente, Co-Founder & CTO, Airgility Inc. Read Champion story here

* Winner of the 2020 Champions of Maryland Manufacturing People’s Choice Award in the “Innovation” category. Get more People’s Choice Awards details here.

Join RMI and our Presenting Sponsor, MD Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP), as we highlight Champions of Maryland Manufacturing who have demonstrated great leadership in their innovation efforts.

  • Hear stories of innovation that led to: a product solution for a retired farmer suffering from chronic pain; mission-critical products for customers in space, defense, maritime and high-performance racing industries; and AI driven robotics being used for ultraviolet-C autonomous sanitization for COVID-19 mitigation.
  • Find out how innovation as a strategy can lead to sustainable business growth.
  • Discover how partnerships and federal, state and local programs can assist a manufacturing company in its innovation efforts.

Cost: $0. Registration is required. This program is being offered via a Zoom video webinar that requires a passcode to log in. An email with log in information will be sent to all registrants within 24 hours of the date of the program. If you have any questions, please email or call Stacey Smith at 443-844-0047.


Energy Efficiency Advocate and MEA Partner Peter Gourlay Recognized as a 2021 Champion of Energy by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is pleased to share that devoted industrial energy efficiency advocate, Peter Gourlay, was selected as a 2021 Champion of Energy Efficiency by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).  Peter Gourlay lost his battle with cancer in January of 2021. This national recognition acknowledges his contributions to industrial energy efficiency in Maryland as well as his legacy that lives on in the programs, funded by MEA, that he created and administered for the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI).

The Champions of Energy Efficiency in Industry Award: Implementation and Deployment, from the ACEEE, recognizes accomplishments in the industrial efficiency sector with an emphasis on impact, innovation and leadership in reducing energy waste and spurring innovation.

After being nominated by peers, the ACEEE Board of Directors’ committee selected the six awardees recognized for their impact, innovation, and leadership in reducing energy waste and spurring sustainability.  The winners were announced on July 14, 2021 at the biennial Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry.

In recognition of Mr. Gourlay’s service, MEA Director Dr. Mary Beth Tung stated, “Peter was a trusted coach and leader who consistently advocated for energy efficiency in the manufacturing sector.  This sector is critical to Maryland’s economy by providing community-sustaining jobs, and bolstering national security by fostering local production of goods.  Peter’s work was crucial to nurturing an energy efficient and economically vibrant manufacturing sector.  While Peter is no longer physically with us, his legacy lives on in the work he started and we endeavor to continue.”

Peter served as Vice President of RMI where he worked to improve the image of manufacturing, develop a workforce pipeline, provide energy services, and led manufacturers in an analog-to-digital transformation.

“Peter Gourlay made a positive difference in the lives of all he knew,” said Dr. Michael Galiazzo, President of RMI. “His strength of character and leadership led to outstanding results in all his pursuits. His achievements were the result of his deep and abiding faith in the goodness of others.”

Peter was recognized for his leadership of successful programs including RMI’s Next Generation Energy Efficiency Gains (NGEEG) program (funded by the MEA). Under Peter’s leadership, this program served manufacturing companies within Delmarva Power’s service area on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and PEPCO’s service area in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. Gourlay also managed a $3 million energy efficiency program for Maryland manufacturers served by BGE, saving them close to $2 million off their energy bills annually. The program continues to provide strategic guidance to Maryland’s manufacturing sector. Peter bridged the gap between available energy programs and services and their use by manufacturing companies. He is part of the trusted voice of Maryland manufacturing, providing over 2,000 of the state’s small, medium and large manufacturers with objective advice and support, allowing clients to increase profits and reduce costs.

Through Peter’s dedicated work, RMI became an integral resource in the company’s productivity goals; those trusted relationships played a major role in convincing the companies to invest in energy efficiency. His success in combining manufacturing transformations with energy savings will have far-reaching benefits in the energy sector. This national recognition memorializes his passion for energy efficiency, and his charisma; and it serves as a model for those who follow in his footsteps.

For more information about the biennial Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry, please visit ACEEE’s website. Visit this link to view the 2021 Champions of Energy Efficiency in Industry awards presentation.

Please visit RMI’s website for detailed information about their work in the energy sector.

Visit for more information about MEA.


Article source: Maryland Energy Administration (July 19, 2021). Energy Efficiency Advocate and MEA Partner Peter Gourlay Recognized as a 2021 Champion of Energy by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, from

The Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland Propels State as NextGen Advanced Manufacturing Leader with the Passing of the Manufacturing Technology & Workforce Bill

New law establishes a workgroup to study and make recommendations for advanced technologies to define the future of Maryland manufacturing

BALTIMORE, July 12, 2021 – The Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) was the key driver in the creation and passing of Maryland bills HB658 and SB444, “Transforming Manufacturing In a Digital Economy Workgroup (Making It in Maryland).” The bills officially became law on July 1, 2021, establishing a workgroup to study and make recommendations regarding advanced digital technologies shaping the future of Maryland manufacturing including quantum computing, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

RMI’s President Mike Galiazzo was instrumental in the creation, drafting and passing of the bills—securing the key legislative sponsors and lobbying for the bills during the past two legislative sessions. SB444 was formally introduced by Senator Chris West (R-Baltimore County, MD) and HB658, was introduced by Delegate Lily Qi (D- Montgomery County, MD). These were companion bills that became law.

“The passing of these bills into law is a huge victory for Maryland manufacturers and our state’s economy,” said Mike Galiazzo, Ph.D., president of RMI. “It was a bipartisan, stakeholder driven effort. Maryland is already a top state for research and development in manufacturing, and therefore the state was perfectly positioned to pass this first-of-its-kind legislation. The law not only publicly establishes manufacturing as a priority for the state but will also shape the future of Maryland manufacturing and position Maryland as a national showcase and powerhouse for next-generation advanced manufacturing.” 

RMI appointed the following representatives from manufacturing companies:

  • Kenneth Sanchez, President, Chesapeake Specialty Products, Inc.
  • Bob Mather, Vice President-Lean, I4.0 & Advanced Manufacturing, Stanley Black & Decker Global Operations
  • Kunjan Tokekar, Director of Industrial Engineering Volvo Group Trucks
  • Thomas VanCott, Ph.D., Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy
  • April Richardson, Esq., Managing Partner, Food Opportunity, LLC 

A key focus in revolutionizing manufacturing is bringing people and technology together,” said Nick DeSimone, RMI Board Member and Chief Supply Chain Officer for Global Tools & Storage at Stanley Black & Decker. “Stanley Black & Decker’s connected digital ecosystem fundamentally develops best-in-class Industry 4.0 manufacturing principles, defines the workforce of the future, and strengthens our customer experiences.”

The workgroup also includes individuals from the following organizations:

Four members of the Maryland legislature appointed by the Senate President and House Speaker; MD Dept of Information Technology (DOIT); Maryland Department of Commerce; Regional Manufacturing Institute; MD Dept. of Labor; Maryland Manufacturing Advisory Board (Dept. of Commerce); Maryland Association of Independent Colleges & Universities (MICUA); Maryland Association of Community Colleges (MACC ); University System of Maryland (USM); Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP); RAMPMD; Maryland Tech Council (MTC); Fraunhofer Center Mid-Atlantic; Maryland AFL-CIO; and, Printing & Graphics Association Mid-Atlantic (PGAMA) Maryland Small Business Development Center.

“RMI is the catalyst and driving force for this bill—putting the state on the map as one of the first states to truly harness digital technology to enable next-gen manufacturing. I led this bill because I believe it is vitally important for Maryland to position itself on the cutting edge of manufacturing,” said Senator Chris West (R).

“I was very excited when approached by RMI to sponsor this bill,” said Delegate Lily Qi (D). “I believe this focused initiative diversifies our economic industry, allows us to provide middle-wage/skill jobs and attract the industries of the future to Maryland.”  

About RMI

Founded in 1990, RMI is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of manufacturers statewide – providing programs, services, and advocacy. RMI is dedicated to serving people, families, and communities by growing Maryland’s manufacturing industry. RMI recognizes and promotes the work of Maryland manufacturers; offers a state-funded program providing complementary engineering resources to manufacturers; and connects secondary and post-secondary STEM students with advanced manufacturing internships, apprenticeships and job opportunities. RMI’s mission is to advocate for Maryland manufacturing and help companies grow and be competitive.


Media Contact:

Sarah Broome
B Squared on behalf of RMI
Tel: +1 714-469-9237


Follow-up from RMI’s Transformational Technologies in Manufacturing Conference

Thank you for registering for June 8th RMI’s Transformational Technologies in Manufacturing Conference. If you were able to tune into the sessions yesterday, we hope you enjoyed them. For those of you unable to tune in or who may have missed a session or two, you will find a link to each session below. We have also included speaker info and links to information that was mentioned during the Conference.

View Conference sponsor information here.

Session 1: 5G in Manufacturing  View session recording here.

  • Michele Whelley, CEO, Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore,
  • Dr. Shawn DuBravac, President, Avrio Institute, Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland Global Campus, New York Times Best Selling Author,

National Association of Manufacturer’s (NAM) Manufacturing Institute report, How 5G Is Transforming the Manufacturing Landscape, by Dr. Shawn DuBravac – Read the report here.

Session 2: 3D Printing & Scanning and Digital Twins  View session recording here.

  • Michael Raphael, Founder, President & Chief Engineer, Direct Dimensions, Inc.,
  • Dr. Michael Grieves, Chief Scientist for Advanced Manufacturing and Executive VP Operations, Technology Institute of Florida, Executive Director, Digital Twin Institute,

Session 3: Using Virtual Reality in Training for Manufacturing  View session recording here.

Session 4: Quantum Technologies, 11:05-11:55 AM  View session recording here.

Rethink: Manufacturing Leadership Council Summit, June 22-24 – Murray Thom will be speaking at this event. Get details here.

by Stacey Smith Stacey Smith

Technology in Manufacturing Conference


Presenting Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

The Transformational Technologies in Manufacturing Conference focused on technologies that are transforming the local, national and global manufacturing industry. Specific technologies highlighted through insightful conversations with local and national thought leaders were: 5G, Quantum Computing, Digital Twins and Virtual Reality Training.

by Stacey Smith Stacey Smith

Champions of MD Manufacturing Webinar: Workforce Innovation, Education & Collaboration In Action

Gold Sponsors

Promotional Partners

Champions of Maryland Manufacturing Webinar
Workforce Innovation, Education & Collaboration in Action
May 25, 2021

9:30-10:45 a.m.

Moderator: Michele Whelley, CEO, Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB)


      • Dr. Nilanjan Banerjee, Associate Director for Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Initiatives, UMBC*, Read Champion story here.
      • Joseph Zuccaro, Lecturer – College of Business & Economics, Towson University*, Read Champion story here.
      • Neill Christopher, Acadia Windows & Doors and The ARC of Northern Chesapeake, Read Champion story here
      • Becky Kemp, Workforce Development & Apprenticeship Program Manager, MD MEP 

* Winner of the 2020 Champions of Maryland Manufacturing People’s Choice Award in the “Workforce” category. Get more People’s Choice Awards details here.

Join RMI, our Presenting Sponsor, MD Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP), and special guest moderator Michele Whelley, Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore CEO, as we highlight Champions of Maryland Manufacturing who have demonstrated great leadership in their manufacturing workforce efforts. They’ll share stories of innovation, education and collaboration that will provide inspiration and information from which Maryland’s manufacturers will surely benefit.

  • Hear how a Baltimore County manufacturer partnered with a local nonprofit organization serving those with disabilities for its hiring needs and why this company calls these individual some of their most valuable employees.
  • Don’t think you can afford to hire an individual dedicated solely to providing security for your digital assets? Learn how your manufacturing company can upskill a current employee for a cybersecurity role through a new and innovative Maryland program.
  • Not sure where to find great talent for open positions at your manufacturing company? Hear the unique way one local educator is preparing his college students for careers of all types in the manufacturing industry and how you can connect with his students for your internship, apprenticeship and job opportunities.
  • Plus, Becky Kemp from MD MEP will share information on valuable workforce hiring and training incentives and programs available to help Maryland manufacturers hire, train and retain a qualified workforce.

Cost: $0. Registration is required. This program is being offered via a Zoom video webinar that requires a passcode to log in. An email with log in information will be sent to all registrants within 24 hours of the date of the program. If you have any questions, please email or call Stacey Smith at 443-844-0047.

by Stacey Smith Stacey Smith

Inaugural Baltimore County Virtual Manufacturing Job Fair

The Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI), in partnership with the Baltimore County Department of Economic & Workforce Development and the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) is hosting a virtual manufacturing job fair on April 8th. The Virtual Manufacturing Job Fair will connect job seekers in the greater Baltimore region with open positions of all types, requiring varying skill levels and experience, at manufacturing companies in Baltimore County, Maryland. Read more