RMI Techtonic Shift Event

Holmatro USA Vice President for Manufacturing John Freeburger inserts his business card in voting box to indicate his commitment to the Skills USA technology program

Partnership Opportunities to Support RMI’s Techtonic Shift Initiative:

Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Workforce

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Finding talented workers is a major problem facing manufacturers.  This problem is intensified when you factor in the ever-increasing need for workers with higher skills due to digitization, the IOT and other Industry 4.0 emerging technologies.

RMl’s Techtonic Shift initiative recognizes the disruptive impact of technology, occurring at ever-increasing speeds in today’s manufacturing operations accelerating the need for highly-skilled talent and transformational leadership in business, education and government.

The Initiative focuses engaging tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce: students excelling in science, technology, math and engineering. Over the last few years, RMI has engaged student STEM and technology groups and showcased their expertise to Maryland’s manufacturing leaders through various showcase events.

These students are not only adept at working with robotics, 3D printing, Al, coding and STEM but they are also passionate about creating products and competing as teams on a global scale.” How do we get connected with manufacturers” was a common problem expressed by those engaged in student after school and school programs. In response to that problem, RMI recently provided matchmaking services to connect the technology teams with manufacturing companies to develop more engaged relationships.

At RMl’s May 201 7 Annual Gala, with nearly 700 people in attendance, RMI received over 200 business commitments to support these student technology programs. There is a tremendous opportunity to build this connection between the manufacturing industry and these after-school technology programs.

Opportunity to invest in tomorrow’s workforce: RMI seeks your help to facilitate the following services to create a manufacturing workforce pipeline for the future:

  • Nurture RMI existing relationships between manufacturers and technology programs
  • Provide future career guidance to students from young private sector leaders
  • Market technology program successes with RMI to industry
  • Facilitate facility tours at manufacturing plants with technology program and track follow up
  • Compile data on manufacturing workforce needs from manufacturing companies
  • Create matchmaking database to bridge student expertise with manufacturing needs

If your company would like to work with RMI to support RMI’s Techtonic Shift Initiative, contact Peter Gourlay at RMI today at peter.gourlay@rmiofmaryland.comn or 443-275-2489.

Register for Techtonic Shift 2018

Connecting Maryland’s Top STEM Student Teams
and Work Ready Job Seekers to Leading Manufacturing Companies

May 3, 2018

at Martin’s West

9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.