RMI officially launched its Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters initiative as part of our image campaign on June 5 at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.  One of the opening manufacturing speakers, Mary Steinebrunner, General Manager of Dunlop Protective Footwear (photo on left), discussed why Maryland manufacturing matters: “Our 1939 company almost went out of business, but we’ve turned it around. We’ve grown our employee base by 20% in the last year by inventing new technologies and by demonstrating to our employees that we can grow and it can be a great place to work. We’re building a community in Havre de Grace, Maryland and supplying protective clothing and protective footwear for the entire United States. The more we can make people aware of why manufacturing matters and supporting the cause, the better we’ll all be off,” she said.

The Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters initiative aims to provide a continuous effort to promote the voices of the Maryland manufacturing ecosystem to educate stakeholder on the importance of our industry to local economies and communities. RMI stakeholders will hear voices from the many stakeholders of Maryland’s manufacturing  ecosystem via the videos that will be posted on this site. If manufacturing is not valued by the public, then many parents will steer their children towards more “hot sectors” of the economy making it increasingly difficult to find the workers required for today’s ever-increasing high tech manufacturing.  We want policy makers to better understand what is being made in their jurisdictions, how many are being employed and how those products are helping us in our daily lives and understand the good work that manufacturers are doing in their communities.  We want today’s youth to see manufacturing as fun and a great career challenge.

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RMI engaged Maryland congressional, legislative and county executive leaders at “Dry 85′” restaurant at a reception for elected officials at MACo in Ocean City, hosted by Alexander & Cleaver and sponsored by RMI and the Daily Record. RMI President Mike Galiazzo attended the reception and met with many elected officials from across Maryland to help promote our manufacturing industry to emphasize why Maryland manufacturing matters to their economies and communities

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