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Attendees inspired by “Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering” event

Women in Manufacturing and Engineering
On Thursday, March 27, nearly 200 people gathered at the National Electronics Museum for RMI’s “Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering” event to hear experts talk about the industry.

Laura Neuman, Mike Galiazzo, Gloria A. Flach and Mary Kay Burch

Laura Neuman, Mike Galiazzo, Gloria A. Flach and Mary Kay Burch

Attendees were given time to network with many top females in the field before hearing from Laura Neuman, Anne Arundel County Executive. She inspired the crowd by sharing her own personal story of overcoming challenges and adversity.

“No matter what the obstacles are, there’s always opportunity out there,” she said.

Northrop Grumman not only hosted the event, but its corporate vice president and vice president Gloria A. Flach served as the event’s keynote speaker. With years of experience in the industry, Flach was able to tell the crowd about how manufacturing and engineering are always changing.

The speech led into an informative discussion moderated by Northrop Grumman’s own Silvia Bouchard, who also offered advice to the audience on work-life balance, leadership and more.

The panel was made up of Lion Brothers Suzy Ganz, GM’s Nichole Hickson-Oliver, Keytech’s Jenny Regan and Northrop Grumman’s Mary Kay Burch. The women discussed their current jobs and things that they have learned during their careers.

In addition, the audience asked panel members questions about the field, ranging from “How can we educate the future generation?” to “How can I deal with setbacks on the job?”

RMI Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering Event

RMI Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering Event

“The panel discussion of top women manufacturer executives was inspiring,” said Kathy Synder, CEE, President and CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. “Each of them emphasized the values of planning ahead, being ready to take risks and finding good mentors, something that is critically important for all young professionals.”

Overall, the event gave the more than 180 attendees a lot of information that they can implement in their own work and lives.  See more pictures of the event here.


What attendees had to say when asked.
“ What did you like most about the event?”. (from our post event survey)

This was my first RMI event. I was impressed with the knowledge and commitment to bolstering manufacturing in MD. Also, thought the camaraderie between attendees was great.

The extremely talented and inspiring speakers and panelists were most impressive. It was a very nice venue and well attended.

The number of attendees and enthusiasm about manufacturing in Maryland. Great speakers!

The caliber of speakers and content.

The women on the panel were fabulous. They spoke from experience and the heart. Many wonderful take-away actions received.

Having the different aspects from manufacturing (CEOs, VPs, HR) to bring different insight to the panel.

I was impressed by the wide range of expertise demonstrated by the panelists. They were well-versed and candid about sharing their personal experiences with the audience.

The panel of women as guest speakers.

The diversity and depth of the panelists. I left the event and several days later still reflected on the “nuggets” of information and experiences the speakers shared. They provided genuine, real life words of wisdom and encouragement for personal and professional development that “stuck” with me as I progress and improve.

Openness to audience for questions

The sharing of life experiences of the women in the panel

I was most impressed by the eloquent speaking of the panel and keynote speaker, they were very engaging and relevant. I felt as though I learned some keen advice.

Synergies between speaker and panelists…

The guests–especially the woman who introduced the program–(Laura Neuman, Anne Arundel County Executive)

The organization was well done as well.

The women on the panel. The difference in leadership styles between men and women is enormous in my opinion. We men follow sports, and war, as proper leadership models. Women focus on nurturing and consensus based on what I heard from the panel.

Great chemistry and open conversation and audience interaction

All the bad ass ladies.

I was most impressed with the quality of the panelists and their willingness to share their experiences with the audience. I especially appreciated the focus on the importance of mentoring younger women entering manufacturing and mastering higher-level skills for NextGen Manufacturing.

RMI Partners with Carroll County to Recruit Manufacturers

On Thursday, February 26, RMI met with a group of Carroll County manufacturers – including Northrop Grumman, Land Sea and Air Manufacturing and LAI International – at Carroll Community College in Westminster to discuss RMI’s new energy efficiency initiative targeted at reducing energy at manufacturing plants in the Baltimore region.

The meeting was hosted by Denise Beaver, director of Carroll County’s Office of Economic Development. Firms heard from RMI’s project management team and from Neill Christopher, Vice President of Acadia Windows and Doors, a past participant of an energy efficiency program similar to RMI’s.

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RMI Gets Manufacturing on Gubernatorial Candidates’ Agendas

October 5, 2013, Towson, MD - More than 150 Maryland manufacturing stakeholders came together on Friday at the Towson Sheraton to hear the views from both Democratic and Republican Gubernatorial candidates on how they might improve manufacturing in Maryland if they were elected.

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October 4th Manufacturing Day:
Candidates Invited to Discuss Maryland Manufacturing

MFG Logo

Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland
October 4th Manufacturing Day in America

Maryland Manufacturing – An Agenda for Change
7:30 -11:30 AM Towson Sheraton
7:30-8:30 AM continental breakfast networking



9-26-2013 3-35-26 PM




NOTE: Lt. Governor Brown’s office notified us recently (9/26),  that he is unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts (He had not previously confirmed) They expressed their disappointment in not being able to resolve the conflict. Lt Governor Brown has agreed to schedule time to meet with RMI , manufacturers and the manufacturing stakeholder community in the near future.


Towson Sheraton
903 Dulaney Valley Road
Towson Maryland, 21204


7:30 -8:30 continental breakfast & networking

8:45- Welcome – Mike Galiazzo, Ph.D. President Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland

9:00 a.m. Morning Keynote: “Why Maryland Gets a “D” on Manufacturing,” from the Author of the 2013 Manufacturing and Logistics National Report, Michael J. Hicks, Professor of Economics and Director of Center for Business and Economic Research, Ball State University.Michael Hicks

Dr. Hicks published a national report that demonstrated how each state ranks among its peers in several areas of the economy that underlie the success of manufacturing and logistics. The specific measures were: manufacturing and logistics industry health, human capital, cost of worker benefits, diversification of the industries, state-level productivity and innovation, expected fiscal liability, tax climate and global reach.

Maryland was ranked near the bottom, receiving an overall grade of “D,” the median grade for the eight areas measured. This forum will help identify specific strategies to move our state from a “D” to an “A”.

Copy of the report may be found at:

9:30 – New Directions for Maryland Manufacturing – 2014 Gubernatorial Candidates.
The purpose of this forum is to learn from each candidate, what they will do to change the climate for Maryland manufacturing within the areas defined by the Ball State University Report.

Candidates will be invited to present their positions. The goal is to identify 4-5 very specific strategies that each candidate is offering to improve the climate for manufacturing in Maryland.

11:00 –Leading the Way to Next Generation Manufacturing – Mike Galiazzo, Ph.D., President Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland

11:05 – Meet the candidates coffee reception – informal networking


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Manufacturers Highlight Their Innovative Ways to Recruit and Retain Talent in Maryland

HRForumJune 6, Timonium, MD. Over 60 manufacturing stakeholders gathered at the RMI Breakfast Series to hear insights from GM Baltimore Operations, Middle River Aircraft Systems and Ellicott Dredges on what works and what doesn’t in recruiting and retaining manufacturing talent.

“We were really tested recently when we received an aircraft reverse thrust order from Boeing which required us to quickly find 350 new hires,” said Jenny Williams, HR Director for Middle River Aircraft Systems, a division of GE Aviation. “I knew we didn’t have the technical talent in the area to fill these positions, so we took a different approach where we made some minimum requirements with no previous manufacturing experience,” she said.

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Using Less to Make $More at Green Bay Packaging

May 15, 2013 – Timonium, MD - On Tuesday morning, more than 30 manufacturing stakeholders attended RMI’s Breakfast Series and heard Green Bay Packaging’s General Manager Tyson Aschliman share insights on how his firm has increased productivity by going green.

TysonAschliman recalled a turning point for his firm occurred when a 2011 summer brown-out crippled the plant’s electronic drive systems. He used that event as an opportunity to revamp how they looked at energy.

“That accident cost us over $100,000,” said Aschliman. “It was a big wake-up call, reminding us that energy is a big target cost area, directly tied to our profitability. I never used to look at the energy bills before. That has all changed now.”

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RMI Breakfast Series – June 5 – Finding and Keeping Manufacturing Talent: HR Insights from GM, Ellicott Dredges and Middle River Aircraft


Manufacturers continue to have difficulty in filling skilled production jobs that fuel their ability to innovate and grow. Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry continues its rapid pace of change. Companies are putting themselves at risk of falling behind too far, too fast.

According to a recent survey Deloitte Consulting and the Manufacturing Institute conducted in 2011, 600,000 manufacturing jobs went unfilled. The survey indicates that 5% of current jobs at respondent manufacturers are unfilled due to a lack of qualified candidates. How does this match up with Maryland manufacturing?

The skilled worker shortage is one of the top worries for manufacturing executives as it threatens American’s future manufacturing productivity.

RMI invites you to join us for an insightful Breakfast Series event which will focus on how manufacturing HR Directors from GM, Middle River Aircraft and Ellicott Dredges are addressing recruitment and retention needs for their companies.


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Insights from Re-Shoring Manufacturing Business to Maryland

Dale WilliamsApril 10, 2013, Timonium, MD –  More than 35 manufacturing stakeholders attended a Regional Manufacturing Institute (RMI) Breakfast Series event in Timonium to hear one of the first Maryland companies speak on bucking the outsourcing trend by bringing some of its overseas operations to the state.

Dale Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Chesapeake Bay Candle, recounted the unique story about why Chesapeake Bay Candle brought some of their manufacturing business from Asia to open a new facility in the U.S. in June 2011. According to Williams, at the start of 2008, Chesapeake Bay Candle found itself at an interesting crossroads. The home-grown Maryland candle business started in 1994 in Annapolis by co-founder Mei Xu and her husband, David Wang. From humble beginnings of developing candles in their basement out of soup cans, they expanded rapidly and eventually were importing candles from their own China and Vietnam manufacturing facilities to meet the demand from U.S. clients.

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RMI Breakfast Series
April 23: How GM is Embracing Robotics

All sponsors April 2

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Coming April 23, 2013 – The RMI Breakfast Series:
How Robotics is Increasing Manufacturing Efficiency at GMREGISTER TODAY! 

Join RMI and top manufacturing thought-leaders for RMI’s Breakfast Series on April 23 Featuring GM Baltimore Operations General Manager Bill Tiger as he discusses the benefits of embracing robots as part of their new plant’s assembly process.

i-JcKssqJ-XL.jpgAmerican firms that have brought robots in to their facilities are benefiting from increased productivity, falling worker’s compensation rates and savings on premiums
translating into more resources for staff and other critical needs.

GM Baltimore Operations recently added robots to its assembly line for its new eMotor Building.

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