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Apply for the 2014 Maryland Green Registry Leadership Award

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.30.43 AMEach year, the Maryland Green Registry Leadership Award is presented to worthy organization that shows  a strong commitment to sustainability, improvement and measurable results.

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Evelyn K. Ishmael reflects on RMI’s “Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering” event

Evelyn K. Ishamel

Evelyn K. Ishamel

By Evelyn K. Ishmael, “Call Me Ishmael” Writing

Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but we were all on the same planet for RMI’s “Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering” event. The camaraderie of the morning started with coffee and Danishes at the National Electronics Museum. The spaciousness of the museum allowed us to easily meet and greet. For almost an hour, old friends connected and new friends exchanged business cards.

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Attendees inspired by “Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering” event

Women in Manufacturing and Engineering
On Thursday, March 27, nearly 200 people gathered at the National Electronics Museum for RMI’s “Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering” event to hear experts talk about the industry.

Laura Neuman, Mike Galiazzo, Gloria A. Flach and Mary Kay Burch

Laura Neuman, Mike Galiazzo, Gloria A. Flach and Mary Kay Burch

Attendees were given time to network with many top females in the field before hearing from Laura Neuman, Anne Arundel County Executive. She inspired the crowd by sharing her own personal story of overcoming challenges and adversity.

“No matter what the obstacles are, there’s always opportunity out there,” she said.

Northrop Grumman not only hosted the event, but its corporate vice president and vice president Gloria A. Flach served as the event’s keynote speaker. With years of experience in the industry, Flach was able to tell the crowd about how manufacturing and engineering are always changing.

The speech led into an informative discussion moderated by Northrop Grumman’s own Silvia Bouchard, who also offered advice to the audience on work-life balance, leadership and more.

The panel was made up of Lion Brothers Suzy Ganz, GM’s Nichole Hickson-Oliver, Keytech’s Jenny Regan and Northrop Grumman’s Mary Kay Burch. The women discussed their current jobs and things that they have learned during their careers.

In addition, the audience asked panel members questions about the field, ranging from “How can we educate the future generation?” to “How can I deal with setbacks on the job?”

RMI Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering Event

RMI Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering Event

“The panel discussion of top women manufacturer executives was inspiring,” said Kathy Synder, CEE, President and CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. “Each of them emphasized the values of planning ahead, being ready to take risks and finding good mentors, something that is critically important for all young professionals.”

Overall, the event gave the more than 180 attendees a lot of information that they can implement in their own work and lives.  See more pictures of the event here.


What attendees had to say when asked.
“ What did you like most about the event?”. (from our post event survey)

This was my first RMI event. I was impressed with the knowledge and commitment to bolstering manufacturing in MD. Also, thought the camaraderie between attendees was great.

The extremely talented and inspiring speakers and panelists were most impressive. It was a very nice venue and well attended.

The number of attendees and enthusiasm about manufacturing in Maryland. Great speakers!

The caliber of speakers and content.

The women on the panel were fabulous. They spoke from experience and the heart. Many wonderful take-away actions received.

Having the different aspects from manufacturing (CEOs, VPs, HR) to bring different insight to the panel.

I was impressed by the wide range of expertise demonstrated by the panelists. They were well-versed and candid about sharing their personal experiences with the audience.

The panel of women as guest speakers.

The diversity and depth of the panelists. I left the event and several days later still reflected on the “nuggets” of information and experiences the speakers shared. They provided genuine, real life words of wisdom and encouragement for personal and professional development that “stuck” with me as I progress and improve.

Openness to audience for questions

The sharing of life experiences of the women in the panel

I was most impressed by the eloquent speaking of the panel and keynote speaker, they were very engaging and relevant. I felt as though I learned some keen advice.

Synergies between speaker and panelists…

The guests–especially the woman who introduced the program–(Laura Neuman, Anne Arundel County Executive)

The organization was well done as well.

The women on the panel. The difference in leadership styles between men and women is enormous in my opinion. We men follow sports, and war, as proper leadership models. Women focus on nurturing and consensus based on what I heard from the panel.

Great chemistry and open conversation and audience interaction

All the bad ass ladies.

I was most impressed with the quality of the panelists and their willingness to share their experiences with the audience. I especially appreciated the focus on the importance of mentoring younger women entering manufacturing and mastering higher-level skills for NextGen Manufacturing.

Maryland Manufacturer Utilizing Maritime Defense Technologies for Commercial Purposes

MAPC_2As inferred by its name, the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) has had a big impact in the sea and on the maritime defense industry. However, the Baltimore manufacturer has also worked in desert environments, in the mountains, in the air, on fire-ranges, in simulated warfare environments and more.

As United States defense spending is winding down, the company is seeing which products are transferable to the private sector.

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RMI’s Monthly Leadership Meeting Held at GM Baltimore Operations

Our monthly energy efficiency leadership meeting was held at GM Baltimore Operations’ Electric Motor facility this past Friday. It featured great discussion regarding green teams, updates on RMI’s upcoming events, and more!

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Report: Natural Gas Boosting Mfg. Jobs And Economy – U.S. Conference of Mayors – Mayor Rawings-Blake, USCM Second VP

WASHINGTON /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Inexpensive natural gas will boost manufacturing growth in the U.S. and its metropolitan areas according to a new report released by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and prepared by IHS Global Insight.

Report coverUnveiled by key members of USCM’s Advanced Manufacturing Task Force during a press conference phone call, the report titled Impact of the Manufacturing Renaissance from Energy Intensive Sources, details the impact the energy sector has had on manufacturing in the nation’s metropolitan areas since 2010, and shows how the new availability of inexpensive natural gas has ignited the steel, iron, fabricated metals and machinery manufacturing industries as well as those of plastic, rubber, resin and organic chemicals.

“We believe the energy revolution is helping the U.S. regain its footing in the manufacturing sector,” said Lansing, MI Mayor Virg Bernero, Chair of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Advanced Manufacturing Task Force who led the call. “Most of these manufacturing jobs will occur in our cities and their metropolitan regions, which we know are the drivers of the national economy.”

The report provides employment and sales growth from 2010 to 2012 for nine manufacturing industries including fabricated metals, machinery, and plastics that are energy intensive. It also forecasts expected employment and sales from 2012 to 2020 in the top 100 metro areas, all 363 metros combined, and nationally, for the nine manufacturing sectors.

Mayors leadership“This report underscores that the manufacturing sector has been critical in helping the national economy rebound from the recession, especially in metropolitan areas. The energy intensive industry, in particular, has been a key component in the manufacturing expansion and has played a key role in the country’s overall economic recovery,” said Waterbury, CT Mayor Neil O’ Leary, Vice-Chair of the USCM Manufacturing Task Force who participated in today’s call. “We are energized to see that employment in this area will continue to grow, which means new jobs locally for residents in our cities.”

Other key findings of the manufacturing report (available at www.usmayors.org) include:LOGO

  • Over the last three years, metro area manufacturing employment has expanded by an average annual rate of 1.7%. Energy intensive industry, in particular, has been a key component in manufacturing expansion.
  • Through 2020, the report projects that energy intensive manufacturing employment will expand by more than 1% annually nationwide, with 72% of those jobs coming in metro areas.
  • From 2010 to 2012, energy intensive manufacturing sectors added over 196,000 jobs and increased real sales by $124 billion in the nation’s metro areas. In 2012, metro economies accounted for greater than 78% of the total employment and 82% of the real sales in energy intensive manufacturing industries.
  • Expanded demand for new pipelines and mining equipment has resulted in a 17% increase in real sales and a 9.7% increase in employment (2011-2012) in steel, iron, fabricated materials and machinery manufacturing in metro areas.
  • The increased availability of natural gas and oil also resulted in a surge in plastic, rubber, resin and chemical manufacturing, resulting in these industries increasing their employment by 2.6% within metro areas.
  • The Chicago metro area leads the fabricated metals sector with 64,536 jobs in 2012, slated to grow to 75,757 jobs in 2020, or a 2.0 percent average annual growth rate. The sector’s annual sales growth rate is expected to be 2.8% nationally through 2020 (See Appendix Table 3).
  • The Houston metro leads employment in machinery manufacturing with 53,377 jobs in 2012, projected to grow to 69,591 jobs by 2020.  Nationally, the sector is expected to see 3.7% increase in sales through 2020 (See Appendix Table4).
  • Chicago had the highest level of employment among metros in iron and steel (18,911 jobs); fabricated metals (64,536 jobs); nonmetallic mineral manufacturing (8,816 jobs); and plastics and rubber products manufacturing (29,468 jobs). Houston led employment in organic chemical manufacturing (20,225 jobs); machinery manufacturing (53,377 jobs); resin, rubber and fiber manufacturing (4,473 jobs); and petroleum and coal manufacturing (10,229 jobs). Baton Rouge led in agricultural chemical manufacturing (1,944 jobs).

Beaverton, OR Mayor Doyle, also a Vice-Chair the USCM Manufacturing Task Force and participant in today’s call, said, “In my own Portland-Metro region, our current 12,000 plus jobs in the fabricated metals sector are slated to grow to almost 14,000 by 2020.  That’s 1.8 percent annual average growth in jobs, which is really important to our local economy.  In addition to the job numbers, we are also projected to see an average annual increase in sales of 2.9 percent.  These projected jobs will be incredibly important to our region.”

“The U.S. Conference of Mayors Advanced Manufacturing Task Force examines the leadership role mayors can take to promote advanced manufacturing and job creation in their cities,” said Mayor Bernero. “This emerging sector provides essential goods and equipment directly to consumers as well as to a wide range of industries, including energy production. Increased focus on this sector will boost overall productivity in a city and connect skilled workers to high-wage jobs. More and more, manufacturers are relocating to America’s cities, where the infrastructure and intellectual capital drive productivity and innovation.”

The United States Conference of Mayors is the official non-partisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more. There are nearly 1,400 such cities in the country today. Each city is represented in the Conference by its chief elected official, the mayor. The primary roles of the Conference are to promote the development of effective national urban/suburban policy; strengthen federal-city relationships; ensure that federal policy meets urban needs; provide mayors with leadership and management tools; and create a forum in which mayors can share ideas and information. www.usmayors.org

Kay Rand of Mission Assurance serving as panelist for RMI’s “Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering” event

Kay Rand - Mission Assurance

Kay Rand – Mission Assurance

When developing a panel of experienced women for our “Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering” forum, we knew that Kay Rand was more than qualified. Rand serves as the Sector Vice President of Mission Assurance for the Electronics System (ES) sector. She will bring a wealth of knowledge through her extensive education and work experience to the March 27 event.

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Carver Vocational-Technical High School Launches CNC program to serve area manufacturers.


Carver Students at Applied Maritime Physics



Maryland Thermoform Visit

Eleven Carver students recently visited Maritime Applied Physics Corporation http://www.mapcorp.com/. With RMI member Mark Rice explaining computer-aided design/programming and Mike Bower giving a tour of the shop (including a mill demonstration), students got to see, firsthand, the connection between theory and practice.

Another visit was to Maryland Thermoform http://mdthermo.com/ with RMI member Scott MacDonald


carver photocarver-machining-logo-large

For more information of this program contact:

Charles Whittington, Manufacturing Instructor

Carver Vocational-Technical High School


From the Beginning to 2014: Key Tech Co-founder Bringing Experience to “Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering” Event

Jenny Regan - CEO of Key Tech

Jenny Regan – CEO of Key Tech

Since it was founded in 1998, Key Tech has been transforming complex technologies into intuitive products. Co-founder and current CEO Jenny Regan has been spearheading the company’s innovative ideas since the beginning. She will be bringing her experience and knowledge to our March 27 event, “Women in NextGen Manufacturing & Engineering.”

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General Motors’ Nichole Hickson-Oliver serving as panelist for upcoming event

Hickson-OliverRising through the ranks, from college intern to personnel director, Nichole Hickson-Oliver will bring a wealth of knowledge and advice to our “Women in NextGen Manufacturing and Engineering” event March 27.

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