How a Maryland Electronics Contract Manufacturer Stays Competitive in Today’s Global Marketplace


When Zentech’s President, Matt Turpin, was asked how his Baltimore company can compete against Asian electronics manufacturers, he smiled quietly.

“At least once a month, I get asked about how we, as a local company, can compete in this space,” said Turpin.

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RMI Energy Efficiency Program Application

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Using Less to Make $More at Green Bay Packaging

May 15, 2013 – Timonium, MD - On Tuesday morning, more than 30 manufacturing stakeholders attended RMI’s Breakfast Series and heard Green Bay Packaging’s General Manager Tyson Aschliman share insights on how his firm has increased productivity by going green.

TysonAschliman recalled a turning point for his firm occurred when a 2011 summer brown-out crippled the plant’s electronic drive systems. He used that event as an opportunity to revamp how they looked at energy.

“That accident cost us over $100,000,” said Aschliman. “It was a big wake-up call, reminding us that energy is a big target cost area, directly tied to our profitability. I never used to look at the energy bills before. That has all changed now.”

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Manufacturers Praise RMI Green Team Approach at June 6 Energy Forum

On Wednesday, June 6, 2012, over 190 business, government and academic leaders came to the Crowne Plaza Hotel to hear the remarkable success stories from the RMI Green Team initiative. Dr. Leo Christodoulou, the head of the U.S. DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and leaders from the Maryland business community were able to hear how six manufacturing companies: Acadia Windows & Doors, GM Baltimore Operations, Green Bay Packaging, Kirk-Habicht Company, Lion Brothers and MarquipWardUnited were able to achieve some great energy savings in just nine months time.

The secret to the success of this program has been RMI’s approach to get buy-in first by creating that trusting atmosphere,” said Dr. Mike Galiazzo, President of RMI. “Our efforts have been unique in that we have been able to make the case for energy upgrades to all of the key officials within the plants and we created a culture of energy conservation as well,” said Galiazzo. We are filling an important void in service delivery and I believe this is a model that should be replicated,” he said. ”

“Having the RMI Green Team is like having a concierge service,” said Bill Tiger, Plant Manager for GM Baltimore Operations. “They bring resources to our attention and work with our team to make the payback case to help us make decisions that can help our bottom line. That fills a huge gap between government and industry,” he said.

RMI Would Like to Thank the Following Premier and Gold Sponsors of the June 6 Energy Forum:

Maryland Energy Administration: A Maryland state agency, MEA fuels the creationof green jobs by providing funds and resources to expand the use and availability of clean, safe energy in Maryland. Manufacturers can greatly benefit from MEA’s 2.5% low interest loan fund. RMI members are currently $benefiting from this great resource.

KCI Technologies: From schools to courthouses to residential developmentsto manufacturing plants, KCI produces innovative designs that reflect concerns for energy conservation, maintenance efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

CTRL Systems: CTRL Systems offers an ultrasound turnkey package for energy savings beginning with compressed air systems and includes sensors, software, kilowatt monitoring, manpower, and incentive programs.

Rexel USA delivers sourcing and energy efficiency solutions that help electrical and communications professionals do their jobs better.

Energy Solutions Plus: A global provider and leader in the field of Power Quality, offering unparalleled turn-key correction and protection of plant & equipment.

Whiteford Taylor Preston, LLP’s Green Industry Group seamlessly integrates in-depth understanding of sustainable development with our firm’s existing practices and is proud to be one of only a few law firms with five LEED Accredited Professional attorneys.

Check back soon for video highlights and additional information that was generated from the Energy Forum.

Lead Obama Energy Advanced Manufacturing Official to Review RMI Green Team Model

Hunt Valley, Maryland, May 24 - Dr. Leo Christodoulou, the head of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office, will be the opening keynote speaker at RMI’s NEXT-Gen Energy Manufacturing Forum on June 6 in Timonium, Md.

The forum will provide Dr. Christodoulou an opportunity to review the results emanating from RMI’s Self Directed Green Team (SDGT) approach for energy conservation through employee engagement in manufacturing. Dr. Christodoulou will hear from six Baltimore County manufacturing companies who participated in the U.S. DOE-funded SDGT initiative featuring executives from GM Baltimore Operations, MarquipWardUnited, Acadia Windows & Doors, Green Bay Packaging, Lion Brothers and Kirk-Habicht Company.

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GM Takes it Up a Notch in Maryland

Name the first company that comes to mind in Baltimore, Maryland that produces no landfill waste, saves turtles, earned its wildlife habitat certificate and generates nine percent of its electric power from the Sun.

Hint: it’s a Baltimore area manufacturer. That’s right, it’s GM Baltimore Operations. You’re visually struck by the uniqueness of this facility. As you enter the road leading up to the plant, wild geese freely stroll about the wetland area in front of the facility.

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Revving Up a Great Manufacturing Legacy

Over the span of four generations, the Kirk-Habicht Company family business has always led a unique manufacturing operation. The 105-year-old Baltimore-based company has had one common theme: Being open to change.

They started out making ship telegraph systems in the early 1900s, which led them into the brass hardware market for ships providing brass door knobs, bar plates, kick plates, spittoons and then brass railings for buildings in downtown Baltimore. When the brass market declined, the company transitioned to become a spring manufacturer for larger manufacturing operations starting with Sweetheart Cup, Westinghouse and Western Electric.

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Green Innovation Permeates Throughout Acadia Windows & Doors’ Operation

Acadia Windows & Doors is recognized as a the most technologically advanced player in the renovation and new construction U.S. window and door industry in the Mid-Atlantic region and East Coast of the United States.

Beginning with aluminum storm products in 1947, Acadia has evolved with changing technologies through aluminum windows and patio doors into commercially rated PVC, producing some of the heaviest and most durable vinyl door and window products in the industry today.

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MarquipWardUnited’s Journey to Become Lean and $Green

“Our successful manufacturing journey is predicated on recognizing that the experts are, in the manufacturing area” said Jerry Solomon, Vice President for MarquipWardUnited’s (MWU) Baltimore Operations.

The Maryland-based manufacturer is a global leader in manufacturing equipment solutions and offering parts and service for the corrugated box industry. “We know that if we invest in our 300 associates that staff our operations, we will grow our business and we will help them grow as well,” said Solomon.


MWU is part of a much larger parent company, Barry-Wehmiller, which is comprised of nine divisions, and is a diversified $1 billion provider of manufacturing technology and consulting solutions, making it one the of the largest packaging machinery groups in the Western Hemisphere. [Read more...]

Green Bay Packaging: A Not-So-Ordinary Box Company

To the average person, the operation required to produce boxes for grocery stores, medical and beverage companies may not seem that complex, but at Green Bay Packaging Inc. (GBP), their approach is quite the contrary.

After all, how much sophistication does it take to make a square or rectangular box that just needs to be filled with product for shipping?


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