When it comes to fencing and netting, the name Tenax comes to mind. Their fencing can be seen protecting the Chesapeake Bay waterways and keeping deer from entering backyards. It can also be seen at high-prestige events like downhill skiing at the Winter Olympics, where orange safety fencing and blue limit fencing separates the skiers from the onlookers at the finish line.

tenaxOn a recent tour of the Baltimore Tenax facility, you can hear and see the buzz of activity as their large extruder machines churn out thousands of yards of plastic netting for a variety of industries. “This is the primary busy season, right now, January through June,” said Steve Petrides, President of Tenax U.S. The company’s value-added design and flexibility in the design process differentiates them from the competition.

“We efficiently tailor products to meet customer needs like no one else in the marketplace,” Petrides said.

The company’s plastic netting products can be tailored for different thicknesses and strength requirements that need to be adapted for products like cargo nets for shipping or retail display, or wide netting for growing sod on farms for residential and commercial use.

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