Maryland Manufacturer Utilizing Maritime Defense Technologies for Commercial Purposes

As inferred by its name, the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) has had a big impact in the sea and on the maritime defense industry. However, the Baltimore manufacturer has also worked in desert environments, in the mountains, in the air, on fire-ranges, in simulated warfare environments and more. As United States defense spending is […]

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NEXTgen-M Event: Rapid Technologies for Make + Manufacture


SEE A MAP OF ATTENDEES AND CONSTELLATION OF RAPID TECH LEADERS + LEARNERS Agenda + Speakers List Below NEXTgen-M is a Baltimore first. If you are interested in rapid technologies and smart manufacturing, this event is for you. We are bringing together manufacturers, entrepreneurs, educators, techies and all who see a future for rapid tech […]

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Invite Elected Officials to Visit Manufacturing Companies

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I sent an email to my elected officials this morning (below) inviting them to visit manufacturing facilities in their district. Please consider sending an email. It’s very easy if you go to the Maryland Chamber of Commerce website. Simply add your address, text . Based on your address the system automatically selects your federal and […]

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