MAPC_2As inferred by its name, the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) has had a big impact in the sea and on the maritime defense industry. However, the Baltimore manufacturer has also worked in desert environments, in the mountains, in the air, on fire-ranges, in simulated warfare environments and more.

As United States defense spending is winding down, the company is seeing which products are transferable to the private sector.

In addition to that transition, the company is also a new member of the RMI energy efficiency program.

“Until RMI came along, we didn’t take the time nor did we have the expertise to systematically assess how we were using energy and how we might save energy,” said Mark Rice, President of the MAPC. “The results from RMI’s energy audit were very revealing. We were extremely happy with the recommendations and saw a number of opportunities to save energy and save on costs and endorsed the energy upgrade recommendations within a one-to-three year payback period.”

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