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U.S. Gypsum was able to put a wide range of energy-saving solutions in place and create a cultural change within their company to promote and maintain energy efficiency

Bob Sims, Plant Manager
U.S. Gypsum Company

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Solar Energy Incentives And Financing for Maryland Businesses Recording | PDF

RMI’s Energy Efficiency Program

$Cost Recovery for Maryland Manufacturers
Join Maryland’s leading manufacturers who have participated in a unique manufacturing services program to free up cash from energy inefficiencies.

Governor Hogan recently announced a new $2 million-dollar grant to RMI to encourage energy efficiency and economic growth for manufacturers being served by Delmarva and PEPCO. The grant provides funding to help manufacturers identify energy efficiency upgrades to reduce their energy expenditures and help them access resources to incentivize their investments.

How it Works

To qualify for RMI’s Energy Efficiency Program, priority will be given to those spending a minimum of $80,000 on electricity and agree to commit to RMI’s energy engagement program. The program is well tested and not time-intensive for company personnel.

The program provides eligible PEPCO and Delmarva manufacturers with over $20,000 worth services, at no costs, including an energy assessment of your facility, review of your company’s energy management plan; employee energy culture change training for buy-in and participation in RMI’s manufacturing leadership peer group to share best practices.

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What Manufacturers Say About the Program

Freeburger, Vice President of Manufacturing,  Holmatro USA

“Within nine months of RMI auditing of our facility, we reduced our energy demands by approximately 1,500 Kwh per working day with an annual savings of approximately $40,000.”

Luke Chow, President, Prime Manufacturing

“I don’t have the time to focus on energy, but RMI helped me apply for the utility rebates to upgrade my old inefficient lighting to LEDs. Now I’m going to save 50% off my lighting bill.”

Blankman, Sustainable Manufacturing Manager, McCormick & Company –

“RMI provided thorough air leak detection and combined with other air reduction initiatives of our Packaging facility we identified 1.5 million kWh worth of energy reduction opportunities,” he said.