Commercial Energy Cooperative

RMI has a strategic partnership with CQI Associates, a leader in the commercial energy management and consulting industry since 1995, to provide RMI members the opportunity to procure their energy supply through a unique process of combining customer loads into aggregation purchasing pools. The process has proven to provide lower rates than customers are able to obtain on their own.  Bottom line, you get the lowest cost possible since CQI works on behalf of you, the customer.

Background on CQI

  • CQI is the largest Electricity and Natural Gas Broker in the Mid-Atlantic Region.
  • CQI is licensed in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, California and the District of Columbia.
  • CQI competitively bids multiple licensed suppliers, negotiating and securing the most competitive rates.
  • CQI holds a 98% customer retention rating.

Additional Benefits:

  • Budget Stability (no more “roller coaster costs”)
  • Sharing the cost to bring a competitive energy rate to businesses, eliminating the need to “go through it alone.”
  • Sharing in valuable information and expertise the coop provides.
  • Being proactive in fulfilling energy needs

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