RMI Techtonic Shift Event

Holmatro USA Vice President for Manufacturing John Freeburger inserts his business card in voting box to indicate his commitment to the Skills USA technology program

On May 25 at Martin’s West, over 200 commitments we made by businesses to help over 25 area high school technology programs, with some schools receiving at least 15 business commitments apiece. Almost 700 manufacturing stakeholders came together on Thursday nigh to connect manufacturers at RMI’s Annual Gala featuring The Techtonic Shift: Today’s Learners; Tomorrow’s Workforce. SEE PHOTOS

Stanley.Black & Decker's Dharmesh Ved with Students

Stanley.Black & Decker’s Dharmesh Ved with Students

The rationale behind the Techtonic Shift event took into account how the impact of technology is occurring at ever-increasing speeds, accelerating the need for highly-skilled talent and transformational leadership in business, education and government. RMI’s emphasis for the Gala was on today’s students excelling in science, technology, math and engineering who are the future hope for tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce.

Some of the best a brightest Maryland high school technology teams were on display providing robotics, 3D, AI, Coding and STEM demonstrations and interacting with the businesses in a trade show kind of setting.


Chris Desautels with PolyEvery school received at least one commitment from attending companies which included such pledges as providing internships, mentoring, shadowing, facility tours, supply donations, jobs, and training (GM Baltimore Operations Plant Manager Chris Desautels with Poly student pictured on left).



Attending Manufacturers Raved

Feedback from Neill Christopher, COO of Acadia Windows & Doors

Neill Christopher in middle of photo

Neill Christopher in middle of photo

Last night’s event did several things to strengthen the lot of Maryland manufacturers. First, manufacturers were introduced to their new workforce-and what an introduction it was! All who attended were wowed by the quality of the presentations, the enthusiasm and professionalism of the young men and women who presented, and most of all, the intelligence-even brilliance-of the presenters, their programs and their devices.

The student’s knowledge and comfort level with advanced technology indicates that our next workforce will be prepared, engaged and eager to take on the challenges of the future. Next, RMI built a platform where manufacturers could partner with the presenting organizations through internships, mentorships or through the donation of equipment and supplies. Finally, RMI placed the story of the presenters on the organization’s website, so we can share parts of this dynamic program with our colleagues and teams. Thanks RMI, for focusing on this amazing pool of talent and their dreams for the future. It’s amazing how similar their dreams are to our own!

Feedback from Jim Glowacki, Textron Systems, Director, Business Product Support

Jim Glowacki,From the set-up of the individual booths to the presentations each and every case strongly correlated to the mission of bringing together young pre-career talent that has a craving for technology and manufacturing and merging them with industry. Those students were energetic, driven, compassionate, and sincere about what they want from industry and the state for their future. The event was highly interactive, and most notably was about our youth and maintaining a constant focus to increase an ever higher presence of technology and manufacturing in Maryland.

Textron Systems has always had a strong commitment to our youth and we have a never-ending commitment to support local schools in mentorship for many technology programs such as robotics and unmanned systems. We expect to continue to build upon this by broadening our support to all those that are in need of such support.


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