For over 25 years, RMI has provided unparalleled leadership on behalf of Maryland’s Manufacturing Industry.  From the shop floors to executive management, RMI has had its pulse on the industry providing value and resources to solve problems and connect manufacturers with relevant resources to save them money.  Today, RMI has the ear of Annapolis and connections with manufacturers throughout the State of Maryland providing services that are helping manufacturing grow in Maryland.

Why Join RMI?

RMI provides manufacturers with valuable services as their go-to manufacturing association, proactively representing their interests in Annapolis.  We also provide leadership on promoting our industry across various mediums to reach policymakers, the media, teachers, parents, and students to ensure they understand the value of manufacturing careers.  RMI carries out its mission to grow Maryland manufacturing by promoting a positive image of manufacturing through various campaigns, connecting the next group of employee prospects through its Techtonic Shift initiative, provides leadership and guidance to manufacturers as they embrace digitization and helps save manufacturers money through our various energy services.

For more information contact Peter Gourlay, 443-275-2489.


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  • Manufacturers
    • Small (under 50 employees): $500
    • Medium (50-499 employees): $1000
    • Large (500 or more employees): $1,500
  • Private Sector Non-Manufacturers
    • Small (under 50 employees): $750
    • Medium (50-499 employees): $1,500
    • Large (500 or more employees): $2,500
  • Government/Education/Association/Non-Profits: $500
  • Individual entrepreneur: $200
  • Students – Free

What We Do:
– We connect you to our extensive stakeholder network
– We solve problems
– We guide you to new market opportunities
– We provide leadership to help you better compete
– We advocate for manufacturing to our state and national policy makers

We Deliver Solutions: Manufacturers call RMI when they need help. Whether its information on manufacturing supply chain partners or help in redressing regulations negatively impacting their business they call RMI.

General Membership Benefits
– Introductions to key decision makers
– 20% discount to RMI events ( for whole company )
– Speaker/Sponsor Opportunities
– Opportunity to advertise on RMI website and mailings
– Access to Service Providers
– Access to Maryland Public Agencies
– Access to Manufacturing Resources
– RMI Monthly News Service
– RMI Energy Cooperative Procurement Service

Click here to complete RMI membership application

If you need more information, call Peter Gourlay 443-275-2489 or email