Public/Private Sector Resources That Drive M4.0 to Help You Succeed.

Innovation, IT, IoT, Big Data and Digital and Sensor Technologies are the key building blocks of M4.0. Maryland is a rich environment of Federal, State and private resources.

Hear from industry leaders who represent 4.0 strategies and technologies and take the next step. This is a match up of resources to manufacturers serious about adopting new digital, laser and software technologies.

 Mike Kelleher MD-MEP* – Provides expert consultants on 4.0 technologies and strategies. MD-MEP has assisted hundreds of companies across the state to be more competitive. RMI is a partner of MD-MEP bringing services to manufacturers. LINK

Joyce LaPadula* – Maryland Commerce – Learn about programs and services for manufacturers offered by Commerce. Joyce with discuss the Governor’s proposed legislation on accelerated depreciation for new equipment and proposed new funding for PWQ -Partnership for Workforce Development training funds for workers.

Governor Hogan’s Jobs Legislation for Manufacturing Click on Bill Numbers

SB317  In the Senate – Hearing 2/22 at 1:00 p.m      HB394

Mac Mottley – Sparks Dynamics – Mac will discuss the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as it pertains to compressed air management, systems engineering, energy analysis and assistance with analytics development. Sparks Dynamics has a collaborative partnership with Honeywell to introduce a joint compressed air solution to the mid- to large-sized industrial plants. LINK

Dr. Adam Porter – Fraunhofer USAFraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering (CESE) – CESE uses innovative techniques and tools in digitization of processes and the development of embedded software for smart products. CESE is focusing on guiding Maryland and U.S. manufacturers in the areas of IoT techniques. LINK
Dr. Art Jacoby – Cyber Security Association On Maryland  offesr key resources to meet your Cyber Security needs. Art is a national leader who can connect you to key companies providing cyber security. RMI is a member of his group. Every manufacturer should lean how vulnerable companies are to cyber attacks. LINK

Mike Raphael – Direct Dimensions* – 3D Scanning is very much part of the new technologies for manufacturers. – Learn how digitized, complex shapes and spaces take on a new form of reality as CAD models. Direct Dimension has worked over the years with RMI to provide services to companies on 3D scanning and printing. LINK

Mike Binko – Startup Maryland*
 – Big Data, IoT/IoE, Data Analytics, Cloud – Unlock Profits From Your Corporate Data:  whether it is identifying/mitigating cyber risks or tapping value from historical or current business processes, manufacturers need to know what data assets are waiting to be leveraged. RMI has been partner in StartUp Maryland activities. LINK
Chris Cosgrove  – Ramp MD* – 3D Printing Ramp MD – RAMP MD can connect you with high end 3D printing capabilities with the military at Aberdeen and Edgewood Arsenal, and to others in the industry. The #D printing capabilities are of the highest caliber. RMI serves on the RAMP MD Board of Directors.
Ed Mullin* – SC&H Group, IT Advisory Practice, Information Technology & The Internet of Things (IoT) – The rapid speed of IT innovation and advancements in IoT are accelerators for your business. SC&H Group’s IT Advisory Services expert Ed Mullin will discuss how technological breakthroughs and the advent of IoT can help your organization to enhance efficiencies, reduce costs, and accelerate return-on-investment. LINK