Energy Services

As the trusted partner for Maryland manufacturers for over 25 years, RMI has worked with over 200 Maryland Manufacturing firms providing energy services to help reduce their energy expenses. RMI has a top flight engineering team and change management experts that help companies reduce energy expenses.  Learn more.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 encompasses digital assets that drive the next generation of manufacturing. Topics include cybersecurity, digital scanning, digital printing, automated systems, and computer numerical control (CNC) machining. Learn more.

Image Campaign

RMI is launching an image campaign to help put a face on manufacturing.  We want policy makers to better understand what is being made in their jurisdictions, how many are being employed and how those products are helping us in our daily lives. Learn more.

Techtonic Shift

Over 200 commitments were made by businesses to help over 25 area high school technology programs, with some schools receiving at least 15 business commitments apiece. Almost 700 manufacturing stakeholders came together on in May to connect manufacturers at RMI’s Annual Gala featuring The Techtonic Shift: Today’s Learners; Tomorrow’s Workforce. Learn more.