Rebates could cover up to 75% of cost improvements

RMI Welcomed BGE’s Jeff Jerome to speak to Maryland manufacturers last night at RMI’s Monthly GreenTech Series for manufacturers only at the Building Museum of Industry about a new initiative to encourage companies to “tune up” their facilities.  The meeting followed RMI’s monthly Energy Leadership Meeting where manufacturers in RMI’s energy program shared insights on their efforts to improve energy at their plants. Attending firms included: McCormick & Company, Frito Lay, Nestle, DAP, Cobham, Chesapeake Bay Candle, PRIME Manufacturing, Advanced Bookbinding, Murray Corporation, Holmatro and Acadia Windows and Doors.

Over the past few years, RMI has gathered significant data from manufacturers which indicates there are great opportunities for them to “tune-up” their facilities at minimum costs with an ROI 1.5 years or less. “This new offering will really help manufacturers as it significantly expands the current benefit opportunities and streamlines their current offerings in a very practicable application,” said Bob Barazotto, RMI’s Chief Engineer for RMI’s Energy Initiative.

Manufacturers can qualify for the tune up rebates by bundling a multitude of needed fixes that often cause significant energy waste including: controlling outside air; preventing simultaneous heating and cooling; insufficient HVAC maintenance; compressed air/leaks, controls sequencing and controlling exhaust fans.  RMI will help companies understand how they can qualify for this opportunity by providing a complementary audit and follow up recommendations. For those companies that qualify, BGE will pay 75% of the cost to find and implement these energy savings opportunities with a rebate cap of $15,000 or $30,000 depending upon your facility size.

All types of manufacturers can benefit; regardless of industry sector, facility size, age of equipment, or type of operation. These rebate funds are not only used to pay for materials, equipment and 3rd party costs, but can also be tapped to pay for your internal labor costs. Call RMI today to find out more at 443-275-2489.