Thank you to everyone who sent me emails on the event. Here are some of the comments.

Outstanding!!! Wonderful !!! – the event was one of the most interesting and top drawer events I have ever attended.

 Joe DiCara, One Source Imaging Solutions

Dr. Mike and the RMI had a vision-a vision of a resurgence of manufacturing in Maryland; a vision of “re-shoring” before the term had even been coined, and a vision of the return of middle class jobs and opportunities for all.

Thank you, Mike, Peter and the RMI for continuing to bang that drum when yours was the only instrument in the orchestra. Last evening was a powerful indicator as to how far that resurgence has come, and a powerful indicator of the momentum that will drive the resurgence into the future.

Thanks for all that you do to keep manufacturing in the spotlight, and to make the future brighter for all present and future Maryland manufacturers.”

Neill Christopher, Acadia Windows and Doors

Loved your Salute to your Family and what a coup to get such a strong program together – new Governor and Aris. You should feel nothing but peace. 25 years of such dedication is worthy of much celebration and tribute and that respect I give to you forever. May you be blessed and strengthened in all your days and years ahead. Thank you for including me.

 Rebecca Hoffberger, American Visionary Art Museum

Thank you for a great event celebrating Maryland manufacturing. Thanks in large part to your efforts the event was one of the best networking opportunities for manufacturers we have attended. The theme of recognizing long term employees was well received.

Joyce and connected roughly 18 manufacturing companies to candidate customers, suppliers and key industry service providers and stakeholders. Our guests included new and emerging companies as well as a company who had not decided to locate in Maryland. Since the event they have decided Maryland is definitely where they want and need to be.

The RMI event was a great place to both renew relationships and to begin new ones. Manufacturers were thrilled and several thanked us for making them aware of the event.

Well done.

Kind regards,

Carl Livesay, Maryland DBED

Good job last night Mike! You and team looked like well oiled machine filling the room RMI does not need to partner with anyone holding an event.

Scott MacDonald, Maryland Thermoform Corporation

I just wanted to congratulate you and your team for putting together such an incredible event.  You did a fantastic job as MC – it was an uplifting and motivating night for all involved.  The idea to recognize the veteran manufacturing employees was thoughtful and so important.  The personal touch you provided by honoring your sister was touching and relevant to the family concept of manufacturing. Everyone to whom I spoke about it had similar thoughts.  A job very well done!

Thanks again for a fantastic night. 

Ken Sanchez, Chesapeake Specialty Products

That was a memorable evening!

Thanks for your service.

It is great to be a member of your “family”.

Bill Ballard, Project Manager and EFI Group Partner

This was a great event! Thank you again for allowing us to have a table….the Canam folks really enjoyed it and was very impressed with you and RMI!

We will be putting this out through our social media outlets! Just waiting for picture taken from last night!!

Jodie Bollinger, Frederick County Economic Development

It was a great event!  Thanks for the opportunity to sponsor.  I know our customers had a great time.

Sorry I did not get to say hello you were a little busy  J

Have a great weekend and thanks for the great job you do at RMI.

God Bless.

Alison Sheaffer, PPL Energy Plus

Well done.  Congratulations on last evening’s event.  A great celebration of Maryland manufacturing and the promise for the future.  

Best regards,

Bob Jirsa, McGladrey, LLP

I sincerely appreciate your invitation to attend last night’s RMI Gala.

It was awesome!

One can only appreciate the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears, that went into pulling off such a successful event.

Heartiest congratulations to you and your committee.

Warm regards,

Steve Fishkind

Great job.  Honestly, I am leery of such events and doubt their value.  Typically it’s hard to talk to folks and there is little opportunity to truly do any meaningful networking.  Your gala was a clear exception.  Truly a great event and productive night.  I had a fun time and was able to catch up with so many people I have not seen in long time.  Well done.

Alexander W. Koff Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP

The kids greatly enjoyed meeting the governor.

It was a very nice event.

Ed Mullin, Baltimore Robotics Center


Thanks Peter Bowe, Ellicott Dredges

Great job with the event tonight. It was a big hit with my clients and was a wonderful success!


Josh Barnes, Harbor Design and Manufacturing

Thank you again for allowing us to participate in such a wonderful tribute to manufacturing. I saw people there that I hadn’t seen in many years and actually met one of my Maryland With Pride members for the first time. One company at my table was happy to have an opportunity to renew an old acquaintance with Paul Reed Smith. Another commented on how well thought of you must be to have the kind of support for the event that was demonstrated by the exemplary turnout of family, friends, and business associates.

Christine Platter, The Project Resource Group

I thought that the Gala was a big success. Congratulations!

Bob Brennen, Mikes & Stockbridge

 Amazing job last night. Truly the event of the year.

 Jodi Hume, The Business of Life, Inc

Bravo Maestro Mike!

Art Jacoby, Buy Maryland Cyber

Just a note to tell you how honored I was to attend the Gala with Paul Smith and company.  Thank you again for all you do for Maryland manufacturing.

Len Johnson, PRS Guitars

Your event brought back a lot of memories. I saw old friends that I have enjoyed working with through out the years and about our many efforts to promote Maryland manufacturing.   And, congratulations on the relationship you have already established with the Governor.    Keep it going.

Cliff Ishmael, Strategic HR