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A recent survey (American Manufacturing Alliance) of likely voters shows that the vast majority view manufacturing as critical to American economic future. By a sizable margin, the 1,200 likely general election voters polled rate manufacturing as the industry “most important to the overall strength of the American economy” and support a national strategy to restore America’s global leadership.

Click here to download a slidedeck on survey results.

Here are the key findings:

  • Voters See A Deteriorating Economic Situation
  • They Continue To Rank Jobs, Specifically In Manufacturing, As Their Top Priority For Washington (Even Over The Deficit)
  • But Even Fewer Than Last Year Think Anyone In Washington Is Doing Anything To Create And Preserve Manufacturing Jobs
  • Voters See Manufacturing As Crucially Linked To Our Economic Strength
  • Voters Are Even More Positive About U.S. Manufacturing Than Last Year, And Just As Negative About China
  • Fewer Believe The U.S. Has The World’s Strongest Economy, But Voters Continue To Believe The U.S. Can And Should Regain Its #1 Status Americans Overwhelmingly Support A National Manufacturing Strategy
  • Some Of The Most Popular Proposals Include: incentives for R&D used to make products here; cracking down on unfair trade, specifically with China; and stopping tax breaks for outsourcing


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