Industry Leaders Gather to Discuss Rapid Tech

“If manufacturing parts in an industrial environment is part of your life, then it would be wise to anticipate that additive manufacturing will be part of your future.” -David Burns, President of ExOne, originally published in Production Machining Magazine. Dave is the Keynote speaker NEXTgen-M on April 27th

In much the same way CNC machines replaced manual machining practices, so too will much of the subtractive machining techniques will be replaced with additive manufacturing. Leaders in the industry and respected business analysts from publications such as the Economist, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and others are pronouncing rapid technologies as the future of manufacturing.

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RMI Testifies in Support of Expensing of Business Property and Bonus Depreciation

Kittleman, Greenblatt & Klausmeier testifying in Annapolis

Senators Kathy Klausmeier and Senator Allan Kittleman worked with RMI as “lead” sponsors of Senate Bill 658. The idea for the bill came from RMI Board Chair Drew Greenblatt, and it will benefit companies in Maryland. Senators Klausmeier and Kittleman serve on the RMI Board of Directors and are advocates for manufacturing.

Other cosponsors are: Senators Astle, Colburn, Forehand, Garagiola, Glassman, King, Middleton, and Peters.

Senate Bill 653 – Bill Summary: This bill would re-couple Maryland’s income tax standards for expensing of business property with the federal Internal Revenue Code for purposes of Section 179 expensing and bonus depreciation. SB653 would allow accelerated tax depreciation for equipment purchased by Maryland businesses, a benefit enjoyed by manufacturers in neighboring states – putting Maryland Manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage.

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