Feb. 14, 2014 (Baltimore Sun) – Happenstance brought Suzy Ganz from Wall Street to a Baltimore County manufacturer. A deep interest in the work kept her there.

Before she was CEO and chairman of Lion Brothers Co., an Owings Mills maker of brand logos, uniform insignia, Girl Scout badges and similar products, Ganz was an international equities trader and bond specialist. Her only connection to Lion was that her father had acquired it with a group of investors.

Then he died unexpectedly. Her mother asked her to take a look at the business so they could figure out what to do. What started as a 90-day commitment at age 28 grew into a career that’s already lasted more than a quarter-century.

“I was unattached, had no responsibilities elsewhere and thought it would be fun — and along the way fell in love with manufacturing,” Ganz said.

The company, which makes products locally and in China, dates back to 1899. It employs about 500, including 60 in Owings Mills. Lion’s patches have been worn by astronauts in space, pro athletes on the field, and countless kids.

Ganz chatted with The Baltimore Sun recently about lemons and lemonade, intriguing projects and unwinding via songwriting.

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