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RMI’s Future of Maryland Manufacturing – Technology and Talent was alive with enthusiasm as over 75 students demonstrated their various projects and disciples and spoke out on the need for more girls to get involved in engineering and technology. These young designers, makers, engineers, coders, and future leaders of next generation Maryland manufacturing, along with messages from top leaders on the future of manufacturing, left everyone with a new and vibrant sense of direction and enthusiasm. I offer my sincere thanks to all who supported this event and to the voices who share our vision that manufacturing is the pathway from poverty to prosperity for many people across Maryland.

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RMI next event is July 13th for the  RMI Energy Forum.

Mike Galiazzo, RMI President


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RMI 2016 Gala – National Anthem

RMI 2016 Gala – Mike With Students

RMI 2016 Gala – Mike Gill

RMI 2016 Gala – Drew Greenblatt with Mike and Suzie Intro

RMI 2016 Gala – Demian Costa

RMI 2016 Gala – Calvin Butler

RMI 2016 Gala – Featuring Arniban Basu

RMI 2016 Gala – Aris Melissaratos – New RMI Board of Directors Chair

Aris was elected at the Gala to serve as RMI’s Board of Directors Chair,

Aris Melissaratos is the Dean of the Brown School of Business and Leadership at Stevenson University  The School encompasses Stevenson’s undergraduate programs in Accounting, Business Administration, Business and Computer Information Systems, Fashion Merchandising, and Paralegal Studies. Aris has  vast array of experience in academic, corporate, government and civic community engagements nationwide.

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 Please Help Us Plan Next Year’s Gala  by taking a 1 minute survey.