RMI Fashion Show Flyer Feburary 20, 2020

Join RMI on 2-20-2020 for a festive networking event featuring a live runway show of local celebrities showcasing wearable goods of all types manufactured right here in Maryland. Discover a variety of local apparel items and state-of-the-art technologies improving, enhancing and saving lives. This fun new event will reinforce “Why Maryland Manufacturing Matters” as we see Maryland-made products essential to our wardrobe for various trades and occasions.

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Feature Your Maryland Manufactured Wearable Product in the Fashion Show

Think traditional wearables you might see on a fashion show runway like shoes, suits, ties, hats, handbags, accessories, shirts, socks and other apparel. If manufactured in Maryland and you can wear it, it’s eligible to be featured on the runway. But this MARYLAND MADE TO WEAR event is unique. It will also include wearable items not traditionally featured in a runway fashion show and not necessarily considered fashionable but instead, serve a specific function for the workplace, healthcare needs, lifestyle convenience and more. Think boots, hard hats, safety glasses, fitness and medical devices, emergency services apparel, sports gear and more. If manufactured in Maryland and wearable, they are eligible. It’s a creative and innovative type of fashion show!

Showcase Your Company & Support Maryland’s Manufacturing Industry – Sponsor This Special Event

Sponsorships as low as $500! Expected attendance: 300+ execs and representatives from Maryland manufacturing companies in a variety of manufacturing sectors including industrial, apparel, bio/pharmaceutical and more, as well as representatives from businesses and organizations involved in Maryland’s vibrant manufacturing ecosystem.

Questions? Email or call (443)844-0047.