Maryland Made to Save Lives

Many Maryland manufacturing companies make components, technologies, materials and products needed for the medical supply chain to fight COVID-19. We are finding that medical facilities are looking for suppliers and that manufacturers want to connect with other manufacturers to increase capacity. Providing company expertise will save lives in Maryland.

RMI is developing a list of these manufacturers that we will share and promote. The list will be highlighted on the RMI website for people to access.

Our end goals are as follows:
1. To provide an online resource directory for the public seeking components or end products.
2. To share the database of companies with State and Federal governments.

We invite Maryland manufacturers who are part of the medical supply chain to add their names to our list.

1. Maryland manufacturers only.
2. Companies must be making a component, material, technology or product for the medical industry that can be used in the fight against COVID-19.

  • Sign Up Form (For Manufacturers Only)

  • Notice: RMI reserves the right to edit company information and/or delete a company's entry if they are not providing legitimate components or end products essential to the medical supply chain
  • If you selected Other, please enter the component type
  • If you selected Other, please enter the end product type
  • Provide the name of your component/product in 100 characters or fewer. Separate by commas if you have more than one product
  • Please (briefly) explain what you make and what it's for
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