Maryland Made to Save Lives Directory

Welcome to RMI’s online directory of Maryland manufacturers who have requested to be included in RMI’s initiative to help address the medical supply needs of our healthcare workers and hospitals. We will share this directory of Maryland manufacturers with State leaders and key decision makers who will be helping to procure much needed additional medical equipment and supplies at this critical time. We welcome other manufacturers to seek out potential partners from this directory to address critical health supply needs.

Please review the following directions to fully benefit from the database:

1.) To see all of the information on each company, scroll to the right using the horizontal tab at the bottom of the table in the database below

2.) To search for companies that have specific “components” or “end-products,” you can sort all companies having that specific search in each lettered column (component columns shaded in grey color and end-product columns shaded in peach color).  Go to the top of table and right- click on the actual letter at the top of each column.  This will open a sort tab.  Click on it and you will see a listing of all companies that are providing that specific component or end-product.

3.) To find a description of each company’s capabilities and contact information, scroll further right using the tab at the bottom of the table.

4.) Finally, if you wish to download an excel spreadsheet version of this table, you will be able to manipulate it as you see fit. Click here to download the excel spreadsheet.