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U.S. Gypsum was able to put a wide range of energy-saving solutions in place and create a cultural change within their company to promote and maintain energy efficiency

Bob Sims, Plant Manager
U.S. Gypsum Company

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Solar Energy Incentives And Financing for Maryland Businesses Recording | PDF

C-Care, LLC: We have come a long way since the initial energy audit analysis in October 2014 where RMI identified comprehensive energy savings projected to deliver a 30% reduction in consumption. This was a giant project for C-CARE with a total investment of $1,622,000. We expect to see energy cost savings of $187,000 per year. RMI was instrumental in assisting C-CARE fund this project by not only referring us to various state grant and loan programs, but most important – assisting us with the application process which required a tremendous amount of data and analysis that C-CARE would not have been able to provide on its own.

– Kevin Kavanagh, CFO, CAG USA and C-Care, LLC.

Holmatro: In a short time (nine months) since RMI’s audit of our facility, we have reduced our energy demands by approximately 1,500 Kwh per working day with an annual savings of approximately $40,000. With the installation of a management control system we estimate that we will save about $51,980 in 2016. The installation of this management control system will start in December of 2015. With RMI’s help, the capital was supplied by the MEA Lawton loan program. This program was what sealed the deal. A nine year loan that is always cash positive is a great vehicle for small companies to be able to get involved with these programs. RMI was an invaluable help in guiding us thru the application process for BG&E Incentives and the Lawton Loan.

– John Freeberger, Vice President, Manufacturing, Holmatro USA

Tenax Corporation: “The RMI staff and partners made it simple to reap these benefits without draining our limited internal resources. At each step, it was clear your staff had a solution-focused approach to assessing our operations. This gave us tremendous confidence that we were getting a trustworthy and unbiased accounting of our energy usage and straightforward proposals to limit our consumption.” “Now that our project is complete, we are on target to save over $100,000 annually in energy usage.” “We would never have been able to take on such a project without RMI’s help.”

– Steve Petrides, President & CEO, Tenax Corporation

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