Baltimore County House Delegation Applauds RMI

RMI President Mike Galiazzo and RMI Vice President Peter Gourlay presented the work of the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland to the Baltimore County House Delegation this morning in Annapolis.  RMI provided background on the organization and the importance of manufacturing to our State and to our communities.  Galiazzo cited how manufacturing offers livable wages that contribute immeasurably to stronger families, communities and economic growth.  “Jobs in manufacturing provide opportunities for a broad cross-section of Marylanders and a stepping-stone to middle class living for many entry-level workers.”

RMI Initiatives

RMI highlighted its four key initiatives to help manufacturing grow in the State:

  • Energy Services – Through a State-funded grant with the Maryland Energy Administration, RMI served over 200 manufacturers in the BGE service area, many in the Baltimore County area.  RMI helped to reduce energy with companies in the program by almost 24 million kilowatt hours, saving them over $2 million annually; helped many firms to create green teams and encouraged companies to publish their sustainability commitments on the Maryland Green Registry at the Maryland Department of Environment.  Based on that success, a new grant was awarded to RMI in 2017 to provide similar services to manufacturers being served by Delmarva Power and PEPCO.
  • Industry 4.0 –  RMI has been a leader in advocating that manufacturers learn more about “industry 4.0,” or digital integration of all manufacturing assets and processes, and provide experts to explain the benefits of digital transformation for future productivity growth.  RMI has worked with the Maryland Department of Commerce on a series of “Industry 4.0” outreach events for manufacturers to meet with stakeholders to better understand the what’s involved, while also connecting them with digital resources available to respond to industry transformation.
  • Techtonic Shift – RMI has been engaging tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce: students excelling in science, technology, math and engineering.  Over the years, RMI has been connecting secondary and post-secondary STEM students with advanced manufacturing to help connect internships, apprenticeships and job opportunities with candidates.  We’ve helped Maryland middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities receive hundreds business commitments to support their student technology programs. We’ve also helped the manufacturing industry find numerous prospects for future hiring purposes and connected many valuable employment training resource groups as well.
  • RMI’s Image Campaign – RMI’s Image Campaign recognizes the good work occurring by both Maryland manufacturers and their employees across the State to recognize those that help provide meaningful employment opportunities, recognize those that create new innovations for economic growth, those that are giving generously back to our communities and those that are attracting talent and bringing new employees into the job market.  RMI highlighted 11 recently honored 2018 Champions of Maryland Manufacturing from Baltimore County and that we are in discussions with Maryland Public Television to conduct a new series on  Maryland manufacturing.

An Invitation to see Industry 4.0 in Action

RMI is inviting the delegates to see “Industry 4.0” technology in action.  On February 5 RMI  in partnership with faculty & students from Terrapin Works, from the A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland, and Baltimore-based Direct Dimensions are offering to produce a 3D printed “head” for each member of the 2019 General Assembly.  The delegation asked quite a few questions during the questions and answers period.  Delegates provided RMI with applause as the session ended.