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Dundalk High School Students in Homeland Security Completer Program to Attend Lunch with Congressman Ruppersberger

Dundalk High School students

In response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the Department of Homeland Security was created by President George W. Bush. With the creation of this cabinet department, new and exciting careers are available for those professionals interested in protecting our homeland. These careers include law, emergency management, immigration and customs, secret service, transportation, travel security and terrorism protection.

Dundalk High School is the only school in Baltimore County offering a completer program in Homeland Security for students interested in careers in this field. Coursework includes Foundation in Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, Science, GIS, and an internship. [Read more...]

Attend RMI’s Lunch with Congressman Ruppersberger on U.S. Security (with Sparrows Point Development Update)

flagYou are invited to lunch with Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger and other members of RMI Board of Directors to get a briefing on U.S. national security. Topics include the Middle East, China and cyber security threats to manufacturing. Hear about the conversations “inside” Congress regarding ISIS/ISOL*. Learn why China is critical security threat to us, especially regarding cyber security.

The Congressman will also give an update on the Sparrows Point property, which is in his district, and on opportunities for the future of Maryland Manufacturing.


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Manufacturers Benefit From First GreenTech Series (RSVP to Oct. 28 Event)

Registration for the Oct. 28 event is now open!
Manufacturers Only: RVSP by clicking the link below.



On August 19, manufacturers gathered at the Baltimore Museum of Industry for the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland’s (RMI) first-ever GreenTech Series installment. The event featured Zentech President Matt Turpin, who addressed the crowd on the value of implementing LED technology.

“The event was a great opportunity to meet area manufacturers and hear (and) share ideas about energy conservation and other green technologies,” said Renee Eaton, CEO of RapidMade.

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