RMI attended the recent Baltimore County State of the Schools luncheon that has been getting widespread positive news for Blueprint 2.0. Hear what  young GM engineers, who were guests of RMI, had to say.

Victor Ekanem    

As a recent graduate, the State of the Schools Luncheon reminded me of the excitement that we must all take to ensure that our secondary education systems are still making meaningful impacts. The various presentations of art, speech, choruses, and music from the students of the Baltimore County Public School System were not only illustrations of great talent but more importantly represents the school system’s commitment to its students. As the inspiring Superintendent begins his speech outlining the BCPS’s new Strategic Framework called Blueprint 2.0, he constantly stresses the role of Team BCPS. He starts very strong, suggesting that his address may be short in length – for no one can possibly stay so excited for so long. However, his excitement and dedication in fully delivering his message reflect the effort and urgency of which Dr. Dance and the BCPS Board of Education are taking to ensure that the state of the schools is indeed strong. Congratulations and good luck to Team BCPS!

Gregory Cleaver, Packaging Engineer,

The future of the Baltimore County Public School system is in capable hands. Dr. Dance and his Blueprint 2.0, unveiled at the “State of the Schools” event hosted by The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, empower a vision of excellence in education that I haven’t seen before. It was evident that for the mission “to equip every student with the critical 21st century skills needed to be globally competitive” to be achieved, the entire Baltimore County community would need to be involved. I’ve always like the quote that “the mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled”, and after attending the event I’m convinced that Dr. Dance working through Blueprint 2.0 is the spark to that fire. I feel fortunate that I was able to attend the event and look forward to seeing the progress made over the next five years.

Lorenzo Blagrove, Facilities

Creating a culture of deliberate excellence for every student in every school of every community. A plan developed to lead and equip the students of the Baltimore County Public Schools so they may be prepared to be future leaders in the world. The annual conference was an event of exquisite class conducted by the engaged students of BCPS, from the soulful Dulaney High School Orchestra to the inspirational message of Superintendent Dance. Knowing that our children will be prepared to be effective individuals was comforting after leaving the conference.