Manufacturing Leaders Meet to Showcase Energy Savings Successes

On Wednesday, November 11 over 100 manufacturing executives and stakeholders came together to hear from the latest group of companies graduating from the RMI Energy Program discuss their energy efficiency initiatives. Featured companies included McCormick & Company, Advantage Book Binding, Prime Manufacturing, Murray Corporation and Northrop Grumman. The Baltimore Museum of Industry backdrop provided a great showcase to hear about these new manufacturing successes.  RMI announced that 50 manufacturers who are currently enrolled in the program are collectively on track to save $2.28 million in energy savings.

Featured Company Presentation Remarks
McCormick & Company

Jeff Blankman
Sustainable Manufacturing Manager, McCormick & Company
RMI helped us look at some of the more difficult energy improvements that we hadn’t addressed as yet. One of those involved our four air compressors which are responsible for 30% of our energy expenses. RMI provided a thorough air leak detection and combined with other air reduction initiatives of our Packaging facility we identified 1.5 million kWh worth of energy reduction opportunities. We’re committed to making the leak repairs and completing all of the initiatives. We will be planning this during 2016 so as not to interrupt our business line during our heightened season production demand.
Murray Corporation

Tom Branch
Purchasing & Operations Manager, Murray Corporation
Since we engaged RMI, they came in with a full team, assessed my lighting, air compressor and HVAC needs and told me what I had to do to save energy and reduce my electricity bill. We have vendors making recommendations all the time, but often they’re not right. RMI’s engineers know manufacturing and know what they are talking about. With others, often, you just don’t know what to believe. In addition, the RMI green team facilitator helped change our corporate culture so that employees are now turning off stuff that shouldn’t be on. Not only that, now my employees are coming to me with other ideas on how to save on costs. The RMI program has had a wonderful catalytic affect helping us to be a more productive company.
Prime Manufacturing

Luke Chow
President, Prime Manufacturing
As a small plastic injection molding manufacturer, RMI has played a critical role in helping me reduce energy. I don’t have the time to focus on energy, but their engineers assessed my facility and helped me apply for the BGE rebates to upgrade my old inefficient lighting to LEDs. Now I’m going to save 50% off my lighting bill and the brighter lighting is improving my quality control on the production line as well.
Advantage Book Binding

Chris Webbert
Advantage Book Binding
As a small business owner, I don’t have the time to look at energy or to understand the rebates and resources available to us. RMI has done that heavy lifting and is putting me in a position to get substantial rebates for the energy upgrades as well as a Maryland Energy Administration 2% loan that I’m considering to fund the upgrades at virtually no out of pocket costs. If companies don’t take advantage of this service, they are missing a huge opportunity.
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The RMI Energy Program is in the last year of a three-year grant from the State of Maryland due to end in June 2016. RMI encourages manufacturers to take advantage of  a potential
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