The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is pleased to share that devoted industrial energy efficiency advocate, Peter Gourlay, was selected as a 2021 Champion of Energy Efficiency by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).  Peter Gourlay lost his battle with cancer in January of 2021. This national recognition acknowledges his contributions to industrial energy efficiency in Maryland as well as his legacy that lives on in the programs, funded by MEA, that he created and administered for the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI).

The Champions of Energy Efficiency in Industry Award: Implementation and Deployment, from the ACEEE, recognizes accomplishments in the industrial efficiency sector with an emphasis on impact, innovation and leadership in reducing energy waste and spurring innovation.

After being nominated by peers, the ACEEE Board of Directors’ committee selected the six awardees recognized for their impact, innovation, and leadership in reducing energy waste and spurring sustainability.  The winners were announced on July 14, 2021 at the biennial Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry.

In recognition of Mr. Gourlay’s service, MEA Director Dr. Mary Beth Tung stated, “Peter was a trusted coach and leader who consistently advocated for energy efficiency in the manufacturing sector.  This sector is critical to Maryland’s economy by providing community-sustaining jobs, and bolstering national security by fostering local production of goods.  Peter’s work was crucial to nurturing an energy efficient and economically vibrant manufacturing sector.  While Peter is no longer physically with us, his legacy lives on in the work he started and we endeavor to continue.”

Peter served as Vice President of RMI where he worked to improve the image of manufacturing, develop a workforce pipeline, provide energy services, and led manufacturers in an analog-to-digital transformation.

“Peter Gourlay made a positive difference in the lives of all he knew,” said Dr. Michael Galiazzo, President of RMI. “His strength of character and leadership led to outstanding results in all his pursuits. His achievements were the result of his deep and abiding faith in the goodness of others.”

Peter was recognized for his leadership of successful programs including RMI’s Next Generation Energy Efficiency Gains (NGEEG) program (funded by the MEA). Under Peter’s leadership, this program served manufacturing companies within Delmarva Power’s service area on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and PEPCO’s service area in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. Gourlay also managed a $3 million energy efficiency program for Maryland manufacturers served by BGE, saving them close to $2 million off their energy bills annually. The program continues to provide strategic guidance to Maryland’s manufacturing sector. Peter bridged the gap between available energy programs and services and their use by manufacturing companies. He is part of the trusted voice of Maryland manufacturing, providing over 2,000 of the state’s small, medium and large manufacturers with objective advice and support, allowing clients to increase profits and reduce costs.

Through Peter’s dedicated work, RMI became an integral resource in the company’s productivity goals; those trusted relationships played a major role in convincing the companies to invest in energy efficiency. His success in combining manufacturing transformations with energy savings will have far-reaching benefits in the energy sector. This national recognition memorializes his passion for energy efficiency, and his charisma; and it serves as a model for those who follow in his footsteps.

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Article source: Maryland Energy Administration (July 19, 2021). Energy Efficiency Advocate and MEA Partner Peter Gourlay Recognized as a 2021 Champion of Energy by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, from