Welcome to RMI’s Green Team Energy Conservation program pilot for Baltimore County manufacturers.

RMI’s Green Team funding has been provided by Baltimore County under a U.S. DOE energy conservation grant to benefit a group of six Baltimore County manufacturers including GM, MarquipWardUnited, Green Bay Packaging, Lion Brothers, Acadia Windows & Doors and Kirk-Habicht Company.

This project is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

RMI’s energy conservation approach identified, prescribed, and implemented major energy efficiency measures. These measures included modifications to improve air compression systems and process equipment efficiency, as well as upgrades to indoor and outdoor lighting, HVAC systems, and controls.

In just nine months, RMI got each plant manager to prioritize their energy upgrades and initiate projects to make recommended fixes based on a strong payback case. Management and line operators to not only made energy upgrades, but also developed energy policies and pledged their commitment to sustainability practices.

Each company achieved significant energy savings, and, perhaps more importantly, behavior is changing as their employees become more energy conscious. RMI’s different approach has proven that there is a tremendous, untapped opportunity to impact Maryland’s industrial energy use with a well-designed energy efficiency program.

Come back soon and visit our site as we chronicle what these great Maryland manufacturers are doing to maximize their sustainability efforts.


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