Regional Manufacturing of Maryland’s (RMI) was built on a foundation of helping Maryland manufacturers and the communities in which they operate thrive. We have done so through collaboration with strategic partners whose core values align with ours. And some partnerships, like that of RMI and CFG Bank, stand out from the rest.

CFG Bank has long supported the manufacturing industry, providing products and services to help manufacturers and industry stakeholders grow and be sustainable and profitable. The company became actively involved with RMI in 2020, supporting various programs. In 2021, CFG substantially increased its support through top tier sponsorship of our Golf Classic, Sustainability in Manufacturing Conference and other programs. Additionally, CFG’s Josh Plemmons took a volunteer leadership role as Co-Chair of the Golf Classic Planning Committee and represented CFG in all of RMI’s 2021 programs.

“As I learned more about CFG’s leadership, including Jack Dwyer, Founder/Owner/Chairman of the Board and CEO Bill Wiedel, I quickly realized this was a company with similar values to RMI,” notes RMI President Mike Galiazzo. “They care as much about the individuals, businesses and communities they serve as they do about the success of their own financial institution. That’s why when CFG expressed a desire to better serve the manufacturing industry’s business needs and personally get to know Maryland manufacturers, I recommended we talk about developing a custom relationship for 2022.”

CFG wanted a relationship where they could be of assistance to RMI and the manufacturing industry. They wanted to know, “How can we help RMI help manufacturers?” And so, together, RMI and CFG forged a mutually beneficial, Foundational Partnership.

What does this Foundational Partnership mean to Maryland’s manufacturing industry?

It means you will see CFG’s name associated with everything RMI does in 2022 and will see CFG team members attending RMI events. But more importantly, it means CFG Bank is even more committed to your success and that of RMI, so much so that they have selected two of their key team members to serve as RMI Ambassadors. Erik Chick and Josh Plemmons (see contact information below) are dedicating time in this capacity to help spread the word to manufacturers and those involved in the industry about RMI events and programs and valuable incentives and resources available. As RMI Ambassadors, they’ll help amplify our connections efforts, bringing industry stakeholders together to meet each other, learn from each other and foster business relationships together.

If you hear from Josh or Erik about something RMI related, we hope you will respond to their outreach, as they are doing so on our behalf and for your benefit. And while you are at it, thank them for their company’s tremendous support of RMI!

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