Cloverland Farms Dairy of Baltimore Nominated as Champion of Maryland Manufacturing for Creating a Culture of Energy Efficiency

Cloverland Farms Dairy engaged the RMI’s change management program to create a culture of energy efficiency among the employees.  They revamped their recycling program, created a new trust between management and employees, co-wrote their Maryland Green Registry application as a group, voted on and approved the installation of the first European recycling baler in the USA, and created a new outreach promotional plan for their new green ideas. Their new ideas were spearheaded by employees at all levels, especially one creative loading dock worker. Now Cloverland Dairy will save over $100,000 a year in solid waste alone.

Stakeholders of Maryland’s manufacturing industry are encouraged to nominate their champion by the October 6 deadline in the following categories:

* Accelerating product or process innovation

* Increasing growth through visionary leadership

* Contributing to their communities

* Creating products that improve our lives

* Creating a positive culture of change management

* Attracting and engaging STEM students to manufacturing

* Employing an inclusive workforce

RMI will celebrate these champions at our signature fall event on November 30 called “A Tribute to Champions of Maryland Manufacturing.”  RMI signature events typically draw over 600 manufacturing stakeholders and provide the premier networking environment for the manufacturing industry.  This event will serve as the launch of RMI’s new “Image Campaign” to help educate policymakers, educators and the media about today’s manufacturing and how it impacts our future economic growth. To register for this dinner celebration, visit our event page at